The Movie Thread


Oh! Good to know! I have it. Will watch it next!
Thanks! :kissing_heart:


Then we watched this. Really good!!


That’s on my list, too! :+1:t2:


We went to the movies tonight and this is the movie to see. Definitely one of the best of the year. I loved it:


Took two tries to get through this. The slow parts just put me out. Glad I stuck with it.


I really liked the story with Tom Waits.


Me too. I laughed my ass off “he didn’t hit nothing important!!!”


We watched this last night. We liked it. Different and with some twists.



This was good.
:sparkling_heart: Shirley Maclaine :sparkling_heart:



he’s 70!!!




This was good. Tom Waits is also in it.



Loved it!!!


Is that director David Lowery the guy from Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven?


I didn’t know if he was but i googled and it looks that way.


Robert Redford was great! It was good seeing him again in a good role. I didn’t like his character in Winter soldier. :-1:t2:

The music/soundtrack wasn’t too bad, either.


This was fun. Opening credits listed RA. I guess he co-wrote a song with Don Was for the movie or something like that…