The Movie Thread


We saw that. It was good. Not my favorite but worth watching.


We watched Buster Scruggs last weekend. I agree about the Tom Waits part being the best.



being released here tomorrow:



Matt Dillon was good, the movie itself…not really.




Music movie night last night:


How was Blaze? Is it about Blaze Foley?


It is about Blaze Foley.
It’s good. Not too eventful and pretty depressing, but a good story and good acting.

The Queen movie was good too. I’m not much of a Queen fan but pretty good movie.


Come Hell or High Water

Highly recommend this (via Netflix)


a surefire classic. great acting and story.

he’s a helluva a writer


Educational porn should be a thing.


It isn’t ?


I watched these this weekend:

All pretty good, none great. I’d rank them like this:
Beautiful Boy
Bad Reputation


Beautiful Boy reminds me of Deano and his boy


Awww. It was sad. I really like Steve Carell in his serious roles and I really like that kid too. He’s been great in everything I’ve seen him in. He’s tackling some serious subject matter and is very believable in all.


This was good:


Remakes rarely live up to the original. I believe this will will outshine its original:


Here kitty kitty