The Movie Thread


I liked it:


This wasn’t that bad:

better than this:


I loved blitz


We just watched this. It was good.
Fucked up that people could be this way.


Really good flick


This was ok. I liked Jude Law as Dumbledore but other than that, it was nothing special. The first half was kind of boring. Hoping the next one will be better.


We watched Ladybird for the 2nd time. I loved it again.

Anyone who hasn’t seen this should. :beetle:


Your ladybug reminded me. Have you seen ‘Junebug’?


I have not seen Junebug but I will ask Steve to download it so we can watch.


@thebalvenie I’m watching Open Range right now. This shootout at the end is fantastic.


Got Junebug. Will oldham is in it. I’ve seen him around Louisville a few times. Once was pumping gas next to him in my old neighborhood.


Let me know what you think once you’ve seen it.


The Oscars are on tonight. We see a lot of movies and some we really liked from this year are nominated: Green Book, Roma and a few others, so I will be watching. I record it so I can skip through all the commercials and bullshit though.

Please see this if you haven’t. I loved it. It wasn’t even mentioned for any awards I don’t think but it’s one of my favorites of the year:


We watched Green Book last night and we really liked it. :heart:

We watched The Favorite the other night. That was ok. I don’t get what all the hype is about.


I didn’t see the favorite. Don’t think I would have liked it either.


Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch just performed at The Oscars. Pretty cool for them!


Very happy Green Book won!!
I was hoping it would. I also really liked Roma and the Blackkklansmen.

I don’t think Bohemian Rhapsody or AStar is Born were worthy of the Best Picture award.

I was also surprised Three Identical Strangers wasn’t nominated for best documentary. Or the mister Rogers one. Both were great!!


Green Book won?
That’s great! I’m glad it won, also.
And we just watched it last night. Talk about perfect timing! :sunglasses:

I see that a lot of people are upset that it won…


Wow really? Why?

It’s a true story. It’s a great story and something that I never knew about before I saw the movie. The acting was great too.

All the other nominees won in other categories too I think. Maybe Vice didn’t win anything. I didn’t see it.


Eighth grade was another good movie from last year.