The Movie Thread


Eighth Grade was good but hard to watch at times. But well worth it.


neither was black panther…scratching my head on that one.




I didn’t see black panther so I can’t say. It’s still a superhero movie, right?


And not the best one of the past 5 years either.


for sure.

i think michael b. jordan is an awful actor. he just sucks


He was on The Wire when he was a kid and was good there. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in anything as an adult.




I was agreeing with the comment about Eigth Grade, for the record.


What about The Mule? Did anyone see that? That was good.

Also good one I just watched on Amazon was : The Informant with Brian Cranston. Didn’t get a lot of praise in the theater but I thought it was awesome.


Another one we liked that didn’t talked about much:


It was very hard to watch. My youngest just started high school, so it hit close to home. But what a well-made movie.


This was ridiculous, light-hearted, fun, creative. Imagine the format of MTV’s “The Real World” but with vampires from different time periods.


I loved it!
Taika Waititi directed Thor: Ragnorak & Jermaine Clement is the guy from Flight of the Conchords.
I posted about it over a year ago saying how funny this movie is. I think I added the trailer, too… Anyway, they’re supposed to be doing a sequel with the Werewolves.


They’re making a US version on FX soon.



I guess the only good part about this is that the creators will get money.

I liked the NZ setting of the original and all the accents, etc.


Love this movie!! Had to watch it again this morning when I turned on the tv and it had just started.


Watching that Michael Jackson documentary.
I’m scared of what’s to come…

Leaving Neverland. It’s on HBO.


This is not easy to hear. Truly disgraceful.