The Movie Thread


I used to watch that Wade Robson Dance Project show. Really heartbreaking.


We finished part 1 last night
Tough to watch


It’s just sickening. The wedding rings. The 7 year old. These two guys are really strong to be able to tell their stories. It’s breaking my heart though.


agree. pretty fucking awful and awfully graphic


Whew, finished Leaving Neverland.
Just cried through half of it.
What a fucking piece of shit disgusting human being.


Has anyone seen this? I’m starting to realize that all of Lars Von Trier’s male characters are basically the same person. Their dialogue is exactly the same. They all share the same narcissism and confidence. They all do pretty fucked up stuff.

I’ve gotten a little over half through this film and I’m ready to give up.


Saw the trailer and said nope Fuck that


Von Trier is an idiot and his movies suck.