The Movie Thread


I used to watch that Wade Robson Dance Project show. Really heartbreaking.


We finished part 1 last night
Tough to watch


It’s just sickening. The wedding rings. The 7 year old. These two guys are really strong to be able to tell their stories. It’s breaking my heart though.


agree. pretty fucking awful and awfully graphic


Whew, finished Leaving Neverland.
Just cried through half of it.
What a fucking piece of shit disgusting human being.


Has anyone seen this? I’m starting to realize that all of Lars Von Trier’s male characters are basically the same person. Their dialogue is exactly the same. They all share the same narcissism and confidence. They all do pretty fucked up stuff.

I’ve gotten a little over half through this film and I’m ready to give up.


Saw the trailer and said nope Fuck that


Von Trier is an idiot and his movies suck.



Went to see Bohemian Rhapsody at a local cinema the other night on a bit of a family outing.
Not into Queen and the Freddie Mercury teeth on a big screen were a bit distracting but not bad at all and miles better than I thought it would be.


but in no fucking way should he have won best actor oscar.

ftr, i did like the movie


Saw this yesterday. Loved it! I love Captain Marvel! Especially when she’s at full power!!

Can’t wait to see Avengers: Endgame!


Wanna go tomorrow night.

Hoping the kids and wife will want to go


Oh, I hope they go with you, too. I went with my friend who went with me to see Infinity War and he felt cheated because, well, you know how it ended …
That was his first Marvel movie and he left the theater feeling very sad (and mad at me for taking him to see a Marvel movie with a depressing ending!). :laughing:
But yesterday, he was happy and he said he really liked it.

Some of my guy friends though, they prefer Wonder Woman.
Me, I liked Captain Marvel better than Wonder Woman.


i cosign this.

first, i too liked Bohemian Rhapsody. so i’m not a hater. it was one of the more enjoyable movies from 2018.
some of the live performance music and visual aesthetics were amazing. i agree thought that it was not the best movie of the year. my critiques:

Rami Malek absolutely mastered Freddie’s stage moves, mannerisms, etc… i think we all agree that was spooky. but other than playing a slightly more flamboyant version than himself, i wasn’t impressed. anyone who has seen any non-concert video of freddie mercury just talking can tell you that wasn’t a great impression. Malek basically played a gay version of himself trying to talk like Jim Morrison.

my biggest complaint is that the movie changed major facts that happened (or didn’t happen) in real life. if you’re going to make a biopic, you at least need to make it generally true to history. you can’t change a whole bunch of shit to make it more Hollywood.

having said all that, i’d still rather watch that movie over 95% of the movies i saw last year.


I thought the guy playing Brian May was the stronger impression but I don’t know Queen all that well.


I had a Kodi streaming box that packed up a couple of years back, so I no longer get to watch the award screeners or follow the latest releases for that matter.
Who was the more worthy best actor(s)?


yes! that dude was dead-on. he didn’t overplay it at all. you could literally forget that you weren’t watching a documentary with him.

i just can’t get over rami malek’s choice (or direction) to overlay a heavy amount of oliver stone’s version of jim morrison into the freddie mercury character, and having him speak and act all slowly & mysteriously. freddie wasn’t like that at all. he was loud and gregarious. he was fun and carefree. the blame could be solely on the director for this too by the way so i’m not hating on Malek. but it was someone’s clear choice to have him play the part like that.


i saw all the Best Actor movies except for the Willam Defoe one. out of the rest, if you’re going solely off the performance of the lead actor, then IMHO christian bale deserved to win, hands-down. he fucking NAILED the impression of dick chaney, and throughout the entire movie it was continuously completely lost on me that i was actually watching Bale and not the real Chaney. (i also think the movie itself was underrated and deserved more hype.) but Bale was truly amazing. that is not a simple impression to master especially for an entire feature length film.


I think the benefit for me of not being a Freddie/Queen fan is that all the incorrect stuff, kind of washed over me.
I think if I had more knowledge of the Queen story and individuals, it would have probably bugged the crap out of me.