The Movie Thread


Her Smell. A pretty out there movie. Elizabeth Moss’s acting is outstanding. Really great. The movie is quite memorable. If a little over the top in places.


This was good!


@thebalvenie & @Monkey:

So did you guys go see Endgame yet?
If yes, did you guys cry at the end? :grin:
(I read some of the spoilers so I know some of the things that are going to happen)

I’m thinking of going to see it next week.


I saw it. Almost cried a few times. My kid cried. It was a really good but too long movies.

Also, watched GoT, season 8, ep. 3 that night. It was better than Endgame.


I know, I don’t like the 3+ hours part and also that the fact that this the end of Phase 1.
Those things make me want to cry! :smile:

I don’t watch GOT (even though I’ve been told a million times to watch it by my friend but I think there’s too much drama for my taste) so I can’t compare but I’m totally looking forward to seeing Endgame.


The wife is in Vegas to see her sisters from jersey
Me and Sophia have a date to see it on Saturday


this looks like it’ll be good


Great cast


Sounds good! Have fun!!


place in the mall has this little massage parlor…we’re gonna go get thai massages beforehand

:laughing: should be fun…she’s never had one


It’s all good dude
It ain’t like that
She is excited though for the massage and movie


Sounds like it’ll be a great father & daughter day! :star_struck:


How’d you like it?
I might go see it tomorrow.


I liked it
I’m more of a batman guy :slight_smile:

But it was good
Girls loved it



How was the massage? There’s a little place by my house that does “foot massage” which is really full body massage for 30 bucks. Dude has hands like a vice grip.


30 minutes for 35 bucks full body. add another 10 and you get an awesome foot massage.

they’re wonderful and my 12 year old loved it!!! she was wincing in pain…but i told her it’s good pain.


Now that we know pain is good… Pain is Good, is good.

Have you ever tried it?


This was so good…i had no idea going into it what it was going to be about…damn clever of a movie…took my kids and nephew and niece to it too


Is it aimed squarely at clever 12 year old boys, or is it more adult? The ads make it seem like kid stuff.