The Movie Thread


If I was a baller, we’d do a play date.


That’d be so cool.


Rod, Saw a preview for this movie and it looks pretty good.




@inky Is this only on Nickelodeon? I couldn’t find it anywhere.


It looks like it’s available on Amazon Prime video and You Tube or a Nickelodeon subscription but you have to pay so screw that. Hopefully it turns up free again. It’s really wonderful.


torrentday too???


the trailer for the Cats film is horrifying. i really don’t understand how people think it looks good. it gave my fiance nightmares :laughing:.


We watched two tonight:

Liked them both. Paddleton was better. I’ve come to expect that if Duplass wrote it!


Here’s an animated short on the Evolution of a booger.


Highly recommend.


I enjoyed it, but I’m kind of an equipment geek.


“it looks like a Telefunken U-47, you’ll love it!”


I’m not an equipment geek and I loved it.

Two of my favorite albums were recorded there: Tom Petty “Wildflowers” and Grateful Dead “Terrapin Station”. Among so many others.

Plus that impromptu jam/recording with the remaining members of Nirvana and Paul McCartney was pretty sweet.


I love horror movies but not very much in the past decade has been very good, imho. I can’t wait to see this!




Didn’t ask your opinion, bub.


i offer it, nonetheless!


I saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and I liked it.


I might actually go to a theater to watch that one.