The Movie Thread


Oh wow! That does look good!


I saw Shot, the Mick Rock documentary on Netflix. It was good, I enjoyed it. He’s an interesting egomaniac.


Watched Marriage Story last night - Great !!


My wife watched that when I wasn’t around. Didn’t even mention it. But I heard its good!


I wouldn’t worry.


I saw Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker just before Christmas; I thought it was really good; a pretty divided reception overall from others though – I suppose that’s normal for Star Wars films.

Off topic, but over this Christmas break I’ve been watching The Mandolorian on Disney+ which is really good. Not sure if I’ll keep up with Disney+ after the free trial expires however; hard to justify a streaming service for one show. I’ve glanced around their library of content and there’s a few interesting things, but still hard to justify.


We just watched Knives Out.

We liked it. It’s a good who done it murder mystery with an interesting cast of characters.


Jojo Rabbit was excellent


Ford Vs Ferrari is excellent!


Loved this


i wasn’t too sure at first…but then agree. it’s really good.

also, Ford V Ferrari is excellent :slight_smile:


I’ve gotta see that.


Both those movies are ones I’d like to see.


I’m gonna see if the honey wants to see Ford vs Ferrari tonight.


I watched a double feature of Shazam! and Aquaman.

I was in a hotel with HBO.

Or hell, not sure which.


I spent a month and a half last year in various kinds of Hiltons, traveling on business. Always makes me think of this song:


Just watched this for the first time.
Very heartbreaking and difficult to watch but it but was really good.


Just watched this. Highly recommend. Pretty intense, at times sad but also beautiful.


Finally, @Waves gets the sprawling, comprehensive retrospective he deserves.


Yup. I didn’t even know he was from Miami.