The Movie Thread


Finally saw this on Saturday and LOVED it. The racing scenes were great. Matt Damon was excellent.


Just watched Parasite, the best picture winner.
Very good. I really liked it.

I think I liked Waves best. It wasn’t even mentioned for any awards.


The story of my life


Man, this was good. Can’t stop crying :sob: but what a great movie.


Watching this now:


This was excellent:


Rod, did you watch Waves? Haven’t met anyone yet who has seen it.


If not definitely watch it. And glass castle.


we will!!!

it’s on my list of things to watch :slight_smile:


“I don’t know about you, George, but I feel seriously under fucked.”


This was great!



Is this on a streaming service yet? I know it is upcoming.


Not sure. We downloaded both.


Just finished McMillions.
That was good!!!


We just watched this documentary about street photographers in New York. Pretty cool.


This is so good:


I didn’t watch that yet, but I’ve been hearing a lot about Isaiah Thomas… I remember when the Detroit Pistons used to kick the bulls’ ass regularly and Joe Dumars was pretty much kryptonite to Jordon and the Bulls.

Those were the good ole days of the NBA.


definitely check it out dougo.

it’s so damn good!!!


I saw that film on Netflix: Have a Good Trip.

Pretty interesting accounts from all sorts of people.