The Movie Thread


Jim James is in it. I gotta see it.


This was a good one:


Hi Rod,
I’m watching this for the first time.




Tom Cruise is my favorite bad actor.


Substantial film.

Da 5 Bloods.


Liked it! :+1:t2:



We’re watching Cool Hand Luke. First time.


We’re watching Showgirls tonight. Realized it’s on HBOMax, and I realized my poor sheltered husband had never seen it.

We are turning it into a drinking game, so hopefully we survive.


I’ve never seen it either, but the line from the tv ad–“I’m not a stripper; I’m a dancer!”–was a regular saying in our household. Until the kids were born…


Great movie :slight_smile:


See a nip, take a sip?


There’s a line from this historic piece of shit that I will have to paraphrase, but it should be very close to the original.

When she is a showgirl, she runs into her old strip joint boss who says in a snide way “It must be nice not having to get cum all over you now.”


Ha! That would be a great line for a best man speech.


did you guys like it?


Enjoyed this one a lot too. Would recommend.


what in the actual fuck? can’t wait to download and watch this!!! if only i could find part 1


Yeah, we really liked Cool Hand Luke.


A movie from that same time that I really like is The Chase, with Marlon Brando.


Cool. We will check it out.