The Movie Thread



Well, that just looks porny.


Dougo - pretty much it. We fell asleep before the end. I think the last 20 minutes will forever go unwatched in this house.


It’s a shit movie, just awful.



This was really good.


This was cute too:


We watched these two tonight:


How was Queen and Slim?


I liked it because both actors were really good and I liked their love story… but the whole premise was a little far fetched I thought. Not to say it couldn’t happen, but their behavior that got them into the situation they were in probably wouldn’t happen like that in real life.

Without giving anything away.

If you can get past that the movie was enjoyable.


John Candy double feature:


You need to make it a triple feature and add The Great Outdoors


Summer Rental is not a great movie, but I love it sooo much.


If anything we were going to do Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but we decided to save that for Thanksgiving.


This was very good. Truly sad end for him.


If you’re a longtime disappointed John Cusack fan, like myself, you may find these two pieces interesting. The first is a meditation on prime Cusack with the benefit of hindsight:

The second is an interview with Cusack:


Has anyone watched this yet?


I saw the preview and decided to pass on it.


It’s not bad at all. It’s done really well. I wish I would have watched it on my laptop.


Watched Parasite

I realize this is late. I enjoyed it. Creative, dark, and just enough violence for an old softy.