The Movie Thread



This was really good.


We watched a really good movie I had never heard of until last night. Really excellent actually:


i’ve seen this! i loved every puppy second of it.


If we keep training dogs to assist the blind, how are they ever going to learn to see for themselves?


This is a documentary that was shown on Independent Lens on PBS last night. I was really skeptical when I saw one of the dudes from some home makeover show hosting it, but it was really well done.


We watched a very good movie last night. Highly recommend if you have amazon prime:

I really like this actor. He starred in The Night Of which is one of my favorite shows from the last several years. If you have HBO I’d say it is a must watch!!!


Yeah, Riz is great, he was also in the Star Wars spin-off Rogue One which was so much better than I thought it would be. And The Night Of was great too, John Turturro is always awesome. I will definitely check this out, thanks!


i loved the night of as well.


Christmas Eve double feature:


A tradition for us at Christmas, I think I’ve probably seen this every year since I was a kid


we watched home alone, lethal weapon, and gremlins.

my oldest wanted to watch the krampus…that’s her jam.


It has been the Rudolph and Frosty marathon around here. My wife is trapped inside her troubled childhood.

When we saw a young guy with blondish, curly hair come into the auto repair shop we spent all day in on Saturday I said to her “Hey it looks like Hermey has car trouble” and we had a little chuckle.



We watched Rudolph, Frosty and Charlie Brown. I hadn’t seen any in a really long time.


My husband and I rented the Downton Abbey movie and man oh man, what complete garbage. It was like they tried to write a normal episode, but were told that the writing was too clever and not showy enough, so dumb it down about 12x and add some FLASH! Like an assassination attempt wow! By the second hour we were so exhausted from rolling our eyes that I pointed out that all the Amazon reviews were people in outrage about the “gay agenda” so there would probably be at least one sex scene. Wrong. The bigots on Amazon were bent out of shape about an awkward no-tongue kiss. 1/2 stars.


Watched Wonder Woman 84. Never so been so bored while having a halfy.


Dare I ask, but is that the same as having a semi? (And I don’t mean truck)


It is.


Then I will add that movie to my must-see list!


Did you see the part in my post about being bored?