The Movie Thread


You wouldn’t like this movie then.

But you are missing out on a lot of culottes.


We will look for this. It looks silly but I’m up for silly sometimes.


Anyone watch Sound of Metal yet?
Had to be my favorite movie from last year.


Wife watched the preview and said ‘no thanks.’ I told her it was well reviewed, so we’ll see.


Which? Sound of Metal?




Wonder why?
It’s pretty sad. I really like that actor and the story. He goes through a tragedy and transformation. Just a great movie.


Watched the United States vs Billie Holiday.

It was all messed up with the flow and the way it was directed… but it was worth watching. Andra Day was great as Billie Holiday. The writing left quite a bit to be desired.


This sounds really intriguing.


Looking forward to that one.


oh fuck yeah.

that looks like a repeat watcher to me.


Loved this. Told my Mom to watch it and she could relate. She loved it too.


Lady Sings the Blues is one of my all time favorite movies so this is a hard sell for me. I hear Andra Day did a fantastic job. Might have to check it out.


More info


I don’t remember ever hearing about this movie, but it was very good. Suspenseful.


This was also really good:


I loved that movie so much I watched it 3 times.


It was really good, but I liked The Rider better of the two we watched last night.
Very different movies.

The Rider is from the same woman who did Nomadland. The Rider has no actors, it’s the real story of this guy who was in the Rodeo and got badly hurt.


We also watched a documentary about Burt from Burt’s Bees. It was interesting but kinda sad.

He died about a year after this documentary.


I watched the documentary Welcome to Kutscher’s: The Last Catskills Resort. It was interesting. That’s about it.