The Movie Thread


Just watched this:

Also good.


The closest thing I’ve seen to a good movie this year is News of the World. By good movie I mean something that achieves the goal it sets out to achieve without notable missteps in pacing, editing, writing, etc. I don’t feel I should be saying ‘it was pretty good, except for the part that…’ about Oscar caliber stuff.


I flipped on the Oscars show, that I have watched every year since I can remember… after watching for about 2 minutes I turned the channel. They were giving an award to some organization within their organization. Seemed like they just gave the award to themselves since there was nothing else deserving. I haven’t watched a single movie up for an award for years, so I figured it was kind of pointless to tune in.

I watched the Miles Davis story on Netflix. It was OK.


I always record the show so I can fast forward through the fluff and commercials.

I thought it was weird that they did Best Picture before Best Actor and Actress.

I was happy with the winners of Actor/Actress/Best Picture.


It was the most boring Oscars I’ve ever seen. It had all the verve and punch of an annual meeting of Farmer’s Insurance of the Midwest. The speeches, virtually every one (except of course Frances McDormand) were all overlong, and overlong by 30%, not just a little bit.

It was like watching a live band that made no real mistakes but just never got up and cruising along. Like a band where you leave several songs before their set ends so you wont get caught in traffic.


But the Grandmother from Minari was cute.


Yeah she was great.


Yeah I saw Promising Young Woman a while ago, I thought it was a good idea but the way it was handled was just lacking something, like I’d seen it all before. I like Carey Mulligan though, she was on some UK chat show a while back and seemed pretty cool.


Just watching this documentary on Netflix, and it’s a real eye opener. I had no idea about all of the protests by the disabled in the USA back in the 70s. It sadly occurred to me that places like Camp Jened probably wouldn’t be allowed any more, due to health and safety. But those teenagers looked like they were having a fucking great time, just like anybody else.


i thought this doc was great!!!


I saw that on the list last night and was interested. Looks good, I’ll have to watch it.


My friends and co-workers made a film several years ago for an entry in a 48-hour film contest. I had forgotten all about it, but it is pretty damn good in my opinion. They wrote, directed, animated and played all the parts. Now That’s What I Call Zorbleglorf!


What’s up with that one eye though?


Staci has a wandering eye, she is a wonderful person and I miss working with her. The dude with the painted face is Justin, her husband who I believe wrote and directed. I really like Matt’s music videos spliced in there too.

I hired Staci for a graphic designer position at an ad agency even though she had zero experience. She had a degree in ceramics. But her portfolio - or samples of work - of which there were only a handful showed great creativity. It was a hunch that paid off very well. She turned out to be one of our better designers. I was heartbroken when all those people and several more all lost their jobs when a stupid agency bought ours and got rid of our whole creative dept. It seems like they have all landed on their feet and are doing well since then. I lost my job too. That was 5 years ago now and I’m so happy to not be working for those idiots who bought us out. Some incredibly talented people just got pissed away.



We’re watching David Brent: Life on the Road tonight. Keeping Nick’s review in mind, going in mentally prepared for a lot of Ricky Gervais fatigue :wink:


New Scorsese picture, Killers of the Flower Moon coming to Apple (pfffftt.)

“Starring opposite Gladstone and DiCaprio is a decorated supporting cast that includes Robert De Niro, Jesse Plemons, Cara Jade Myers, Janae Collins, Jillian Dion, William Belleau, Jason Isbell, Louis Cancelmi, Scott Shepherd, Sturgill Simpson and many others.”


I’m interested in what you thought of the movie.


I definitely thought Dom Johnson was the best part of the movie. I thought it was interesting that the David Brent character had actually shown a lot of growth, I was totally steeled for him to be truly awful to Dom after he achieved more success than he had at the battle of the bands and was really relieved to see that it was just a couple of backhanded passive aggressive remarks instead of a total takedown of the only real friend he has who’d been more than patient with him.

Our favorite line in the movie was “It’s a little joke bird,” unfortunately we say it to each other at random times now. My favorite musical number was “Slough,” and I thought the movie ended totally unrealistically with the band members deciding they DO LIKE HIM AFTER ALL with, yah know, 0 writing or queues or development to justify it. I’m still thinking of it daily, it definitely was not at all a waste of time and I would for sure watch it again.


Interesting! I rewatched it awhile ago and I didn’t like it as much as the first time. I think that was partially due to the fact that I was totally expecting to hate it the first time. When I didn’t, it felt kind of like a win.

I really wish Gervais and Merchant would work together again. I don’t hate Afterlife, but it’s definitely missing Merchant. Hello Ladies is better than anything Gervais has done alone.