The Movie Thread


They are like peanut butter and jelly. OK alone, better together.


I love my internet friends.


My friend is an animator and worked on this film project that is coming out soon.


We watched two good ones last night:


Re Hello Ladies, that part where he’s in the club and leans on the table made me laugh harder than any part of After Life, so I’m with you there. I think I’ll have to give Mr Merchant another outing soon


We watched Sofia Coppala’s The Beguiled because I just reread the 1966 southern gothic novel it was based on. Man, what a snoozer. Those great New Wave soundtracks really help her movies. You wouldn’t think six sexually repressed girls sawing off Colin Farrell’s leg in the kitchen could be boring, but man, she managed it.


Her movies are fairly numb overall. That one with Murray was a fluke win, the rest are tedious, and I like Bresson.




Gunpowder Milkshake was corny but fun:

Minamata was really good. It takes place in Japan, in the 1970’s. I remember hearing about it when I was growing up. Johnny Depp was excellent as W. Eugene Smith.


Hello LB! :wave:
I love Christian Bale. This is on my “to watch” list.


Finally got to watch Black Widow after waiting a whole year. Loved it! David Harbour was so funny as The Red Guardian. :+1: I’m so glad she finally got her own movie, she deserved it. Goodbye Natasha ~ thanks for all the fun! :heart:


Watched this the other night because, well, Billy Crystal. The main character has a different type of dementia but it made me think of Robin Williams.


This was incredible:


this was amazing.


Was this good? I have contemplated watching it.


I liked it but then again I like most of the movies I watch because I just watch them for entertainment. It’s not academy-award winning stuff but it was great seeing Billy Crystal doing his Billy Crystal thing. The story is predictable but it is heart-warming and sometimes pretty funny.
We both agreed that “Paddington 2” was better than one so you might like it.



Did you see Peter Rabbit 2? The story is predictable but it was pretty funny and of course, cute.


I have not! I don’t think I knew it even existed.


My friend’s daughter is working on a new film that Kevin Bacon is starring in. She’s an Associate Producer, even though she is still in college. They wanted her to start work on another project soon, but she told them she’s got to go back to school for her last year this fall.

I think it is called Space Oddity and being filmed in Rhode Island.


Check it out! Wonderful entertainment for the whole family!