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@thebalvenie & anybody else that wants to chime in:

How was The Suicide Squad? I’m not a big DC fan (I didn’t care for both Wonder Woman movies but I did like Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy) and I’m on the fence about watching it.
I’m sure I’ll watch it eventually but I’m wondering if I should watch it right away or can it wait for when I have nothing else to watch?

@thebalvenie & anybody else:

Nothing? Ok, I like James Gunn. I’ll just go ahead and watch it next.



I’ve never been a big DC fan either. But, I’m gonna try to watch The Suicide Squad this weekend I think. I did enjoy the Christian Bale Dark Knight trilogy as well.


I’m watching it now (I watched half last night, the rest tonight). Fun and full of action, there’s so much going on visually, very fast paced and lots of blood. Great music, just like Guardians Of The Galaxy. Great entertainment all around. You can tell James Gunn had a fun time making it and I think Margot Robbie is great as Harley Quinn.

But again, not a DC fan/movies and I’m more partial to the MCU so I won’t be watching it a second time.


I loved it, not a fan on super heroes full stop but did enjoy this


I like the MCU except for how they’ve used Spider Man. I was a huge Marvel Comics fan back in the 80’s. Spider-Man was never Tony Stark’s protégé’. He might team up with the Avengers, Fantastic Four or X-Men now & then. I love Tom Holland as Peter Parker but I can’t get behind how Spider Man was used in the MCU. I’m actually growing a bit tired of the MCU. There is just too much to keep up with.

I actually prefer the Netflix Marvel series by far. A lot more character development. And I always preferred the New York City street level crime fighter comics anyhow. Daredevil, The Punisher, Jessica Jones, Power Man (Luke Cage) & Iron Fist. Spider Man was more apt to team up with those characters back in the good old days of Marvel Comics.

Spider Man didn’t have some fancy costume designed by Stark. He made his own costume & the only fancy gadgetry were his web shooters which Peter designed & constructed.


Most of the Marvel comic book fans that I know are like you and they mention things like that where the MCU changed the original story to fit the movie and how they like the MCU but they’re not really happy with how they didn’t stick to the comic book storyline.

I joined the MCU fan club when GOTG first came out and not through the comic books so I have no knowledge of any of the backstories for any of the characters which works for me because when they do crossovers that’s not true to the original stories, I have no idea that’s not how it is so it doesn’t bother me. Call me clueless!

I watched some of the Netflix Marvel series - I liked the lighter ones like Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Didn’t really care for the darker ones like Daredevil and I didn’t even bother with Jessica Jones.
I did watch the one where they had all the characters in the show, I can’t remember the name of it though.

Yes, there are a lot of MCU stuff out there now, I wonder if it’s Disney’s doing. I’m not watching “What if…?” because I’m not really interested in “what if…” storylines but I’m looking forward to seeing Shang-Chi. That looks like it could be pretty good. And also the next Doctor Strange movie because I really liked the first one. And of course, Thor and season 2 of Loki. :+1:
Can’t wait for those to come out! :heart:


Loki is the most interesting one to me now. I am looking forward to Dr. Strange as well. And I caught a clip of Shnag Chi where it looks like he’s fighting The Abomination (the super villain/creature) from the first MCU Hulk. The one with Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. I didn’t even bother watching Black Widow yet. I will watch What If eventually. I wanna watch Star Wars: The Bad Batch next on Disney Plus.


The reviews are really good!

Yup, I saw that too and they confirmed it, right? And I think Wong is there somewhere and someone mentioned John Walker’s shield being in the trailer, also.

I liked it. I love Scarlett Johansson as Natasha. David Harbour as the Red Guardian was the best part of the movie for me. Yelena/Florence Pugh was pretty funny, too.


I like David Harbour a lot. I’m really looking forward to Stranger Things Season 4.


i like the dark knight movies.

i really don’t care for the marvel or dc movies at all. i think they are what they are but they all start out great and lose their appeal towards the end.

i will say…i love Ant Man and I loved Venom. those two are great flicks. and Shazaam…that is fantastic


They were fantastic! I have to watch them again. I love Christian Bale, he’s one of my favorites. I think he should have gotten an Oscar for his role in Ford vs Ferrari.

You know how you didn’t care for Thor: Ragnorak?
I felt the same way about Shazam.

Ant Man was fun, Jimmy Woo and Luis are my two favorites and I liked Venom, too. Looking forward to the next Venom movie. :+1:


This was good. Very sad for him and how his career will be going forward. His general outlook and family life were nice to see.


We also started this. Pretty cool so far:


Steve downloaded this one for me because he knows I love The Smiths.

Not the best movie but worth watching if you also love The Smiths.


Best movie I’ve seen in a little while. I just loved it. Not for everyone probably, very female-centric and emotional. :cherry_blossom:


“You do Fosse, Fosse, Fosse! You do Martha Graham, Martha Graham, Martha Graham! Or Twyla, Twyla, Twyla! Or Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd! Or Madonna, Madonna, Madonna!.. but you keep it all inside.”



One of my favorite scenes of all time.


Me, too! I watched The Birdcage again recently and I just had to share.

Did you watch Come Inside My Mind?
I’m watching it now and I’m really enjoying it.

I love Robin Williams. He’s just so amazing. :heart:


Dr. Strange!