The Movie Thread


Sony had a surprise Ghostbusters: Afterlife screening last night and critics seemed to love it. I can’t wait. Neither can my kiddos.


same. looks rad.



Watched this last night. As always, Christian Bale was crazy good!
Mark Wahlberg wasn’t too bad, either.
We’ve been watching a bunch of his movies lately and really enjoying some of them.
These two were really good, both based on real-life events:



i loved the fighter. bale’s best performance amongst so many!!!


Yes!! He was amazing in Rescue Dawn, also.

Amazing movie/story! I had to read up on the person/story the movie was based on after I watched it because I wanted to find out more.

Did you see Empire of the Sun? I love that one, too.


Baby is going through a growth spurt so on couch arrest.

Watched LulaRich, super fun four hours, interesting bookend to the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Watched Iris, the 2014 portrait of Iris Apfel. Cried like 6 times.

Just finished What Haunts Us @mutineer could not help but draw parallels between Jeffrey Epstein’s teaching career and what happened here. How do these people find and recognize each other?


Oh, we have assigned seating in the faculty lounge. It says “pedophile” on the back of the chair.


Sometimes we don’t tell the newbies and, boy, do they get red in the face when they find out.


Iris was good. I have no idea what he lularue show is about–is it worth it if I find real housewives stuff super-repellent?


I guess I’m not sure. I do think if you love to hate people who believe in bootstrapping that this will keep your attention. Visually it was like a bowl of Skittles, so if you like clever color design, this was really well done too. Just not sure how much tolerance you’ll have for the types of women who buy into this stuff. But it’s four episodes, you could always watch one and then decide if you want to keep going.


Weird, I don’t remember RSVP’ing


I watched an HBO documentary seies called Small Town News: KPVM Pahrump. It follows an independant news station in the small town of Pahrump, Nevada that’s trying to break into the Vegas market. I enjoyed it. The employees are a joy despite the owner being a huge Trump supporter.

I also watched the Vice documentary Toon Soon: Comedy After 9/11. I really enjoyed it. It features a lot of comedians.

I posted all of this in the movie thread because I wasn’t going to post twice.


It’s alright.


Great movie, Keanu playing Keanu was hilarious.
So many laugh-out-loud scenes.
One of the best comedies I’ve seen in a while.