The Movie Thread


Go for it, Dougo! I’m sure you will enjoy it.
But remember, it’s 2h 35m long!


do it. i wished i had seen in the theatre. we broke our two year absence in the theaters for the new bond. i loved it.

dune was just a great movie and should be seen on the big screen.




thanks mutineer :slight_smile:
i’m very stoked for this. i just saw this 10 minutes ago on an instagram fanpage. i guess he has thousands of hours of audio and video tape her did and lots of personal writings

this will be a must have :slight_smile:


Watched “The End of the Tour” last night. I feel like I missed something what with how lauded it was. I always see stuff complaining about another white girl coming of age movie getting produced, dude, how is a movie about two white authors sucking each other’s dicks (no, not literally) and bitching about made up problems for two hours the best movie of 2015?

I’m being really harsh, this was a bad time to watch this movie, I’d just come off reading about Zachary Bowen and bizarrely the author was super sympathetic towards him. So two hours of watching fake Mark Zuckerberg wish he was a perpetrator of domestic violence so long as he was also a brilliant writer just kind of left me like what the fuck is up with the brotherhood of white males? Expectations are monumentally low in this peer group.


My husband watched James & the Giant Peach and Matilda for the first time. He said his favorite moments were when the Centipede knocks the ice from the seagulls in the Arctic and at the beginning when Amanda Thripp gets hammer thrown over the fence on Matilda’s first day.

My favorite scene in Matilda is when Harry and Zinnia are arguing about the “speedboat salesmen,” but a close second is the throw away line “Why are all these women married?!”


I’m out!


I’m late to the party, but really enjoyed The Witch AND The Lighthouse

I’m a Robert Eggers kick, I guess. Seems like he uses a lot of primary sources and you feel transported to those eras.


I love the VVitch!!! Black Phillip!!!


i love love love matilda. i thought the movie did the book justice. was not a fan of james and the giant peach or the bfg

but i love the witches


Watched Dune. It was alright, but definitely felt like a prequel or 2+ hours of exposition. Kind of necessary given Herbert’s world building.




Watched a couple of classics recently. The last time I saw Animal House was over 10 years ago and Amadeus was more than 20 years ago but they were both still really enjoyable. Had to go look for my Mozart cds after watching Amadeus and also had to watch Animal House after seeing Tom Hulce in Amadeus. :heart_eyes:


Went to see the new Ghostbusters Friday night. It was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed it! I will say this without saying too much- the fan service was pretty gross. Luckily, that really only lasted maybe the last 15-20 minutes.

If I had to rank them it would go 1. Ghostbusters 2. Ghostbusters: Afterlife 3. Ghostbusters 2016 4. Ghostbusters 2.


We watched two good, interesting movies last night. They were very different from each other and I liked them both.

Strange documentary that I never would have picked but I liked it. Very 90’s, strange group of participants but you grew to care about them. 🛻


Sounds like it is kind of similar to this classic.


my bro’s family was in town. took them all to see it too. we loved it. i agree w/ your order. OG GB is no. 1 and afterlife is no. 2


Watched it the other day. Fun movie!!
It made me want to watch the original again.


i just jizzed in my pants a little


He really is the best looking man I’ve ever seen