The Movie Thread


To look like that, be in his field, and yet remain a rounded, humble human being with one love is truly unusual. A man to admire for sure.


and his salad dressing and hole-in-the-wall gang for kids w/ disabilities…

the documentary on him called Winning is a great one about his car racing days!!!


For sure, man for the ages that one.


Grizzy loves his peanut butter dog treats.




Pretty remarkable!



that was a great watch


this looks wonderful…can’t help but think of @highlife the entire time…I’m pumped to see this…can’t say that about many cartoons these days.
A 13-year-old girl named Mei Lee turns into a giant red panda whenever she gets too excited.


That’s the luck of the avatar picking I suppose. Maybe someday someone will make a movie featuring your avatar too.


His avatar is the Marlboro man, right?


I think it’s Matthew McConaughey’s wax museum figure form Tussauds.


I thought it was Ryan Bingham.


that panda movie was just so-so
not nearly clever or funny enough…mostly annoying.


That’s too bad. It’s reviewing well and making it seem really good.


One of my friends that is an animator was really excited about seeing this film…


it could just be us 4 didn’t like it.

it was worth a shot.


the Adam Project - I know Ryan Reynolds plays the same character in every movie, but I enjoyed it. More of a family movie, though.


we saw that too. it was fun. that young kid was obnoxious…his voice killed me


I thought it was instructive that he got punched a bit by other kids. Might sound callous, but it’s realistic.