The Movie Thread


So my grandson is going to his first movie at the theater.

Sonic 2, I think he’s excited.

I kind of live vicariously through him.


Just watched this documentary.
Liked it a lot:


Then this one.
This was very good and very emotional story.


This was a good documentary about a fruit cake company in Corsicana, TX who had an employee who stole over 16 million dollars before he was caught.

I think shame on them for being so naive and not catching it when one million was missing, but they were a very endearing group and I really liked this movie.


the swindled podcast did an episdoe on this. i might have to watch the documentary.

watched the new batman last night…it was good. but the Christopher Nolan ones are better IMO.

also started Tokyo Vice and Slow Horses and The Girl From Plainville

all 3 are great tv…especially Tokyo Vice


Just watched Aunty Donna’s Big ol House of Fun. Strange, in a good way.


I love me some Aunty Donna.


I’m going to watch Slow Horses next.
I love Gary Oldman.

I’ll check out Tokyo Vice, too!



I just watched the trailer for Tokyo Vice. Ansel Elgort’s Japanese is amazingly good and the Japanese actors all speak excellent English which is a nice change from the Japanese and English that was spoken by the “yakuza” in Daredevil. I didn’t know that Ken Watanabe was in it so that’s another plus.
The yakuza scenes are looking very authentic, also.
This one will be real treat!
Thanks for the head’s up, Rodknee. :kissing_heart:


The Batman. Terrible. Three fucking hours long. Basically Seven with Batman added on. Even Zoe Kravitz in a cat suit couldn’t save it. And that’s saying a lot.


You had me at Se7en with Batman added on, but $25 for a rental? That’s CRAZYTOWN. We could see it in person at the theatre for less…


Bruce Wayne as Kurt Cobain
The first trailer for The Batman made a strong impression thanks to its use of a remixed version of Nirvana’s “Something in the Way,” a tune that shows up in the final film as well.

But even before Pattinson was cast, Reeves was already drawing inspiration from the late Kurt Cobain and that song in particular with his take on Bruce Wayne. Reeves also reveals he was heavily influenced by the Gus van Sant film Last Days, which also features a very Cobain-esque main character.

Matt Reeves says, “He’s in this decaying old wreck of a home, and in the living room, he’s got his amps and his electric guitars, and I thought ‘Well, this is our version of Bruce Wayne.’”

Jesus Christ


It’s on HBO Max, so you can subscribe for a month for $15 and see the movie as a bonus. I did say that it’s terrible, right? Not that you have to take my word for it.


This is spot on
I don’t hate it as much as u but it’s not as good as Nolan’s Batmans


This was good:





We only watch Moana now.


Highly recommend.