The Movie Thread


This was really good.
I don’t remember ever hearing of it.


Now we watch Encanto in between Moana viewings. It’s ear worm city in my house.

I also watched Spencer with Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana. I thought she did a nice job with the exception of her very distinctive Kristen Stewart posture, but the screenplay itself was very lacking. These big money motion pictures sure do assume the audience needs to be told everything instead of shown. That always disappoints me.


Turned off Spencer after about 30 minutes. Did not enjoy.


Same here.


I did not enjoy the real thing when it was happening here either so will be passing on that one. Especially with that pinch face in the role


@highlife I just watched it. It’s really heavy on Millennial nostalgia. It’s a period piece in Toronto during the boy band craze. I agree with @thebalvenie that it got off track after a strong start. I think the generational trauma theme was much better done in Encanto. Watching the two back to back, Seeing Red didn’t hold a candle to Encanto. It probably would have been more fun without the context, but there were serious pacing issues either way.


@saf Thanks for the review and comparison. I thought Encanto was thinly plotted mess, and I understand I am likely the only one, but I find L.M. Miranda’s music meandering and often chorus-less. It’s just a lot of statements one would make in dialogue set to a wandering song structure.


Well, you might appreciate Turning Red just because it has absolutely no musical numbers apart from a (yeah one) fake boy band number. The big musical moment is Bootylicious by Beyoncé.


Dude. Finally someone out there like me.

I can’t stand encanto
The music stunk and the story was stupid

I like cartoons with clever and witty songs and funny stories and characters

See: og Robin Hood , tangled, despicable me, up, incedibles,


What did the women in your family think of it?


They liked encanto
They didn’t mind turning red

Hannah’s all time fave movie is tangled
She can quote the entire movie if asked….don’t ask


My grandson pushed the button on the remote and rented Lilo and Stitch the other day… we made it about a third of the way through. He’s still a bit young to sit still and pay attention for anything that lasts more than a couple minutes.

He’s a big kid. He is only 3, but he’s already grown out of a lot of his 5T clothes.


The first third is the best third :wink:


“You can say I like kids, or I love kids as a general statement, but when you get specific that’s trouble. I like 12 year olds” (Demetri Martin)


He had a lot of good lines.

“Bullet proof vests protect you from gunshots.
Life vests protect you from drowning.
Sweater vests…protect you from pretty girls.”


we saw the coolest strangest most beautiful movie last Saturday

Everything Everywhere All At Once

can’t recommend it enough. it’s a wonderful metaphor for depression, time, anxiety, and suicide

I’ll never see an everything bagel the same way again


We heard about this and will watch this weekend.


Watching it tonight! :v:


We watched CODA with my mom last night. She had not seen it yet and wanted to.

I liked it even better the second time.


I just logged on today to pimp “Everything Everywhere All At Once” out as well.

TV has gotten so good with long form storytelling it’s hard for a movie to really nail it for me. But this one knocked it out of the part. Smart without being pretentious, funny without relying on humor to cover weak storytelling, complex but well explained, and emotional without being schmaltzy.

The best film I have seen in a LONG time.