The Movie Thread


Can’t wait to watch it


glad you agreed! we really loved CODA too

go watch that if you get a chance!!


Managed to catch a screening of Robert Eggers’ “The Northman”.

I am Swedish so I know I am deeply partial, but the world needs no holds barred art house viking movies drenched in blood and guts and with dialogue authored by an Icelandic poet.

A truly audiovisual experience – great stuff.


We’re definitely planning to see it, we loved the VVitch and Anya Taylor-Joy.


Taylor-Joy is also very good in this one – the whole cast is stunning. The narrative and dialogue are stripped down, but all the actors communicate a lot just with their faces, postures, glances, the way they talk, etc and make excellent use of their sometimes brief screen time (Björk!) and generic characters. The story is, of course, centered around the hulking presence of Alexander Skargård but ever since ‘Generation Kill’ he has proven an excellent ‘minimalist’ so he does not steal attention from the others – rather the contrary. The performances are also taken to another level by the cinematography, sound and, not least, mise-en-scène.


saw it. good film and really can’t argue w/ all that you said about it.

i felt CODA and everything everywhere all at once were better :slight_smile:


The Northman was cool, but I felt like it was written for angsty teens. The VVitch and the Lighthouse had a slow & eerie burn that resonated with me and kept me engaged the whole time. Delightfully weird stuff.

I felt like the Northman was peeling away audience members from the Marvel movies while simultaneously making me feel old. I would have enjoyed more odd religious rituals with Ethan Hawke and less ass-kicking.

Also, Kidman and Skarsgaard have appeared in a previous series as husband and wife (Big Little Lies), so I had difficulty suspending my disbelief at a mother-son relationship.


good point. this bothered me as well.


Okay, y’all are crazy. We watched the Northmen last night and…. It’s like Joker Memes makes a Period Piece.


You’re just delightful :slightly_smiling_face:


No u 🥰


Steve wanted me to see this and thought I would like it. 15-20 minutes in I questioned why in the world he thought I’d like it…and then I ended up liking it a lot. :two_hearts:


never heard of it. might have to check it out


Look it up!






Baz Luhrmann.

I tried to watch Moulin Rouge once but had to turn it off after 20 minutes. I felt like I was getting an aggressive lap dance from Rip Taylor.

I had been drinking some good Czech absinthe, the real wormwood stuff, so there was that too, but still. No more of those Luhrmann technicolor vomit-fests for me.

Don’t get me started on that Romeo and Juliet disastrophy.


I didn’t see Romeo & Juliet. To me, The Great Gatsby was nothing special.
Moulin Rouge was ok but I really enjoyed watching Elvis.
The technicolor was toned down, compared to Moulin Rouge.
I’m not an Elvis fan but it was really interesting to learn more about him and his life.
And Austin Butler was really good as Elvis. He looked like he was really enjoying himself playing the King.


I am a non-ironic Elvis fan. Been to Graceland and all.


No irony here either. Still think that Peter Guralnick’s two volume biography could actually be the Great American Novel (if one stretches that concept). And I collect the cds and boxes with the studio tracks without overdubs from the late 60s and onwards like a squirrel with ocd.

I said it before and I will say it again. The United States has had many presidents but only one king.