The Movie Thread


the elvis doc on hbo is great. and it’s got a lot of voice over narratives by bruce


and one boss


Thanks, Rodknee! I will check it out!


I actually bought the 30 CD limited edition box set. Most folks know me for my love of indie rock/college radio stuff. But, my love of music knows no boundaries.


We really like Luca here, it’s in the rotation.


Rodney isn’t the only one who loved that bagel movie.


I feel like the everything bagel is having a moment. Nowhere near as big as pumpkin spice, but it’s still a moment.


I think it’s really more the everything bagel seasoning mix that hit. I like it. I don’t like everything bagels. Why would I want to eat something where the star of the show ends up on the ground, on the table, on your clothes and not in your mouth?


I have a little jar of the ‘everything bagel’ mix to put on stuff.


I probably go through a jar every month.


I have an everything bagel every day pretty much for lunch. With cream cheese and sliced green olives because I need to be as salty as the sea at all times. (Or I fall over)


that seasoning is pretty awesome on buttered popcorn. just sayin


I just watched this on a flight home yesterday. I loved it! I’m making my husband watch it next weekend.


My two year old son and my husband are obsessed with Evita. Like with Antonio Banderas and Madonna. My sister and I watched it conservatively 300 times growing up (more than Jerry Maguire, we agreed on this one) so it’s all my fault. You don’t ever have to be out there wondering why I have such a morbid sensibility, I have a whole list to provide you with.




Though I was hesitant to spend my time on this, people I trust have been talking up the new Top Gun so much we decided to watch.

First we watched the original bc Steve had never seen and I saw only once a hundred years ago.

Then we watched the new one.

Still not my thing, but we liked the new one better than the original.


My thing. I do not get excited about many Hollywood movies these days but I loved every second of the new Top Gun movie. Old school Hollywood filmmaking at its very best. Maverick’s test run scene was one for the ages. And let us not forget:



and this was pretty fun to watch, too:


They set up the test run scene very nicely, with Maverick demanding that his students make the run in a seemingly impossible time (2.40), him coming off as an old timer tyrant and them failing miserably over and over again in so many ways. And then Maverick shows up out of the blue during class and sets the time limit to the ‘impossible’ 2.15 for himself, pulling it off true grit style. While hero stuff in Hollywood movies has gone stale on me, this scene put a big smile on my face. On one level aviator romantic / kid’s stuff, on another existential / philosophical shit about aging, life choices, and dedication.

(Honestly, never cared much for the first film much – only in a semi-ironic kinda way.)


Yes! Very cool! :sunglasses:
Top Gun: Maverick was predictable but an enjoyable watch.


I never cared for the first movie either, that’s probably why I only watched it when it first came out and then forgot about it.
And I never cared for “Danger Zone” or “Take my Breath Away”…