The Movie Thread


Just realised that the first one introduced me to Maria McKee, though. Do not listen to it much these days, but I still love “Show Me Heaven”, I guess.



top gun maverick was the most enjoyable velveeta cheeze laced popcorn cruncher i’ve seen in a long time. i loved every second of it.




ftr, i have not lost that lovin feelin


Jesus Christ. I’m getting old.


getting? dude, you are old. what are you, 49?

  1. Thanks for that.


half way to 100! you get to do it all over again, my friend.


You mean wearing diapers and chewing your food without teeth? (I fairly recently turned 47 so I am getting there.)


Y’all are a bunch of youngsters.






I started watching Blonde, but I’m not sure that I’ll finish it. This line from a NYT review seems to summarize it well: "Dominik is so far up Marilyn Monroe’s vagina in ‘Blonde’ that he can’t see the rest of her. "


i watched the trailer and went, “Nope.”


Dug this up from the basement


It’s Halloween and the one night a year I agree to watch scary movies with my scary-movie-loving boyfriend.

We started with Scream and are now on Halloween. Halloween 2 up next.


we watched Barbarian this past weekend. good scary movie.

my favorite scary movies are the ones without demons or supernatural shit…small exception w/ conjuring.

movies like the strangers, funny games, and misery are just top notch scary movies…i guess more in the genre of suspense thriller than horror but still if horror means blood and guts…those three offer a good amount of blood.


Steve liked Barbarian too and also recommends Pearl and Terrifier 2.



Amsterdam is excellent.

the acting is just splendid and fun.