The Movie Thread




it was a cool feeling. i love it when movies do this magic trick…from the moment i hear and see bale i was delighted and thought, oh man this is gonna be special…


Yes, it was really fun and Christian Bale was just amazing. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him the whole time, even if he was in the background. Watching all his subtle facial expressions and movements was so enjoyable!

We watched Fury last night. Great movie, great acting, but so depressing. :cry:
Learned a lot about the WW2 tank battalions.


A pure gem. Witty, funny, nonsensical, care-free, breezy and the acting/casting is perfect, down to the smallest bit part. Loved every second of it.


Not a fan of Jon Hamm so I wasn’t going to watch this but since you’re recommending it, I will check it out! Thanks!


Great visuals and action and funny, too!


“The professor is in the machine?!?”, is probably this year’s funniest line, if you ask me.

Think Rolling Stones is on point:


Lots of good reviews besides the Rolling Stone one.

Thanks for the recommendation, going to watch it tonight!


Not a fan of Jon Hamm but will watch The Rock :joy::joy:




It was pretty good! Jokes were funny, Jon Hamm wasn’t that badl and I really enjoyed the soundtrack since I’m a jazz fan.
Also great seeing John Slattery with Jon Hamm again.

Thanks again, @bakamomo! Have a great weekend! :smile:


Have a awesome weekend too, Ultraviolet!

Forgot to add that the experience of watching Fletch, Confess reminds me of the old screwball comedies from the 30s and 40s (“Bringing Up Baby”, “His Girl Friday”, etc). Like a constant banter and information overload. When you are still processing a witty one-liner, they hit you with another zinger or quirky detail, and then another one, and another one … You barely keep up.

Also loved all the deadpan and the all small idiosyncratic details, like Hamm’s posture when driving a vespa around town.

And Ayden Mayeri completely slayed it as Griz. She is just in a supporting role but her glances, mimicry, intonations and body language make her at least as memorable as Hamm.

Must have been a true labor of love for those involved.


Yes, definitely! And I love both movies.

I got some Ocean’s 11 vibes, too.
And I loved Marcia Gay Harden as The Countess!
I wouldn’t mind seeing Confess, Fletch 2. :wink:
My 86 year old mother even enjoyed it and she couldn’t stop laughing! Thanks again!

Thanks! :blush:


i checked it out. it was good. not ready to call it a gem. but if they did another fletch w/ him i’d watch…it’s no fletch w/ chevy chase, though


definitely didn’t enjoy this one…most marvel or dc movies bore the shit out of me…they start out kind of fun and then fade out.

i do like Ant man w/ rudd those are great


Ha! I remember you didn’t care for Thor:Ragnarok.
You’re right, though, they did start going downhill from there. But I was surprised at how good Daredevil was probably because it was dark. I think it started to get boring when Disney joined in and it became more of a family entertainment thing. I prefer the seriousness of the earlier Marvel movies (Phase One? Is that what it’s called?)

For me, Captain America vs The Winter Soldier will always be my favorite.
I love villain Bucky, he’s a great character!


Which means you won’t be watching this, right?

We loved it, it was so heartwarming! :heart:


i’ll be skipping that, yes :slight_smile:

ant man was excellent.

and i’d say the first iron man was wonderful too.

the best superhero one are the christopher nolan dark knights…i love those


Dawg, can we stop watching/making Marvel movies?


Wakanda forever!