The Movie Thread


I’m with Ely.
Not that I’ve ever seen any of them anyway.


Ely, I’ve noticed your internet voice has been slowly turning very ‘bro’. What up?


Is it bc he said dawg?


Like they say, don’t knock it til you try it.
It might not be for everyone but people who haven’t even seen any of the movies or TV shows seem to enjoy saying negative things about them. Sort of like sushi (or Elvis :wink:).
I’m with @thebalvenie, though. Not really a DC fan but we watch the movies to pass the time and they 're quite fun. I’m too old to be watching serious movies or documentaries. Been there, done that. Life is too short, I’d rather be watching something fun and/or educational than something sad and/or serious.

My 86 year old mother and 87 year old father both enjoy Marvel movies and TV shows so we’ll be watching them together til they die.


I hear ya. I do watch a lot of serious movies and documentaries. I also love funny and stupid 80’s movies.

That’s why they make chocolate and vanilla.
But anyone who chooses vanilla is wrong. :upside_down_face:




A shiny shiny pebble with streaks of silver and a soft soothing glow, then?


This one seems like a keeper.


I’m around young people all day at my job and I have young boys. I’m sure it’s affected me linguistically. Apologies if I sound cringe.


It’s not cringe, just had me wondering. Where did the librarian of yore go?


I guess i’m the opposite, I’m too old to watch another comic book adaptation.
But, to be fair i’ve only watched the first couple Batman movies and never watched anymore “Marvel” type movies.


I used to think so too, until one day when I was living in Honolulu and I was wearing a Caption America T-shirt and the security guard at my condo asked me if I was a Marvel fan and if I was going to go to the Convention Center to meet Stan Lee. I didn’t know that Stan Lee was there and no, I was not a Marvel fan, I just liked the graphics so I was wearing the t-shirt. He was a comic geek and he started telling me the history of the comics that came out in 60’s with Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, etc. trying to bring awareness to what was going on at the time, like the civil rights movement.
I’d no idea that there was a deeper meaning behind these comic book heroes, I used to trivialize them also and just thought they were “comic books”. I used to read Archie comics when I was a kid but had no interest in comic books as an adult. So I never did get into Marvel or DC comics but I did start to see the movies in a different light and started watching them, starting with the first Iron Man. And they were really good! Lately, like I said, with Disney involved, the Marvel movies are, for me, not as enjoyable as the first bunch they came out with, starting with Iron man and ending with Avengers: Endgame. If you’re going to watch any of them, try the first Iron Man movie, the one that started it all.

Anyway, this is something I found on reddit a while ago with someone explaining to a so-called “comic book fan” what the comic book characters are really about. You can see what the creators were trying to get across to everyone back then.



I am a avid comic book fan but I avoid most of the super hero stuff in film and television.

However, there are some stuff that is too good to be ignored. Gunn’s Suicide Squad movie and the Peacemaker series on HBO are both awesome. Above all, Lindelof’s Watchmen mini series was shockingly good. I was very sceptical about that one but I have to admit that the plot (although not the storytelling) in some ways even was on par with the original graphic novel, and that is no small feat. Visually, it of course cannot touch the original.


I have a lot of respect for Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and some of the other illustrators. I guess I’m just not a movie person… or not a fan of todays action movies.


I’m with you on that, I admire the talent and the convictions of the meaning but the films are just dull.


Tarantino’s thoughts on Marvel (probably in-line with Dougo’s)


i love tom cruise movies.

there, i said it.



Everyone does deep down.


That is pretty much how I feel.

When I sit down to watch a movie I want there to be a story, with actors conveying emotion along with meaningful dialog tied to visuals relating to the story. Something interesting, or unexpected or in a place i’d never considered. Not hokey, fake-action designed in CGI to make me gasp every ten seconds. I don’t want to be beat over the head by some director trying to wring every emotion they can out of me frame by frame.

I guess I prefer subtlety over bombast.


i’m w/ you

i want smart funny intelligent stories and characters

i get where uv is coming from too though…sometimes we just need a nice popcorn cruncher