The Movie Thread





There’s always a story.

Yup, that, too.

There’s that.

CGI, yes. Making you gasp every 10 seconds, no.

I never noticed them doing that. Maybe other “action/superhero” movies but not with Marvel.

There’s more subtly than bombast. (Again, this is Marvel. )


This is one of those scenes:


whoa whoa whoa…

tom holland or tom cruise can call whatever they want “art” but we at faithless will decide what is art and what is not art.



Haha! I don’t care that @DougoBlue doesn’t like Marvel or superhero movies.
People can like and dislike anything they want to. I just wanted to point out that a lot of people “assume” Marvel movies are this or that without having seen it, like Martin Scorsese. :wink:
Like I said, don’t knock it til you try it (like sushi, Elvis, etc.)
I think people just enjoy trashing it because it’s not “art” - whatever that is, because isn’t art different for everyone?

It’s only entertainment and I like it. :sunglasses:

Anyway…I’m off to Tokyo so have a great weekend, everyone!


Safe travels!!!


I certainly didn’t mean to attack Marvel movies per se. As I mentioned, I’ve probably never seen one. My bad.

I guess it is (action-adventure) movies in general that I’ve had enough of. And I’m fine with everyone else loving them. I just feel like it is a shame there aren’t near as many films made that I personally would like.

Also I have never heard of Tom Holland.


You’d like him.

He’s adorable and a genuine sweetheart

I’ve also seen a lot of the marvels

I’m appalled by the amount of kids who say avengers end game is the greatest movie ever made

When they’ve clearly never branched outside marvel


No worries, Dougo.
It’s all good. :grinning:
Hope you find a lot of non-action/adventure stuff on youtube TV. :wink:


I liked Avengers: Infinity War better.
But the “on your left” scene in Endgame was awesome.
And then Cap picking up Thor’s hammer, that was my favorite scene in Endgame. :heartbeat:


You see
I saw it but I don’t even remember it


Haha! :rofl:

I guess it’s called the Avengers Assemble scene, when all the portals open up and the people who disappeared after the “snap” come back. Very emotional scene!

And when Cap picks up Thor’s hammer.
I saw the movie in Japan at the movie theater so no-one reacted (except me :rofl:) but I heard that there was a lot of cheering going on in other countries.


Finally saw Everything Everywhere All at Once, really enjoyed it. Reminded me of a sort of graphic novel adaptation type of storyline.


This was fun.


yes it was! both were great and she is a delight


We just watched a great one:


Has anyone seen this yet?


Next we watched:


yeah. it was like diarrhea after eating bad Mexican: all over the place.