The Movie Thread


Yeah I’m not sure three disparate bands in a city of 8 million people comprise a ‘scene’ or anything that can lend itself to a coherent and meaningful debrief.


But…. But….


Nice Canadian tuxedo, Ryan.




we watched this and Banshees of Inershin

both were ho hum …great acting but nothing to make me get the feels


Won’t be watching Banshees of Inershin.

The Fablemans:
I loved the cinematography and the musical score by John Williams.
I loved seeing all the vintage stuff including the movie cameras that Sammy first started with all the way to the Arriflex 16mm that he used to make the movie for Ditch Day.
And seeing all the retro-stuff was really fun. I was looking in their kitchen when they moved to California and seeing things that we used to have to. Also, the pet monkey - my parents’ friends used to have one back then, too. Oh, and that house they moved into when they went to California! The mid-century modern style house and the interior decorations were really interesting to see. I’ll bet @grimlithics would love that.

I also thought Michelle Williams did an excellent job as the mother, there was lots of what @DougoBlue said in his post up top:
“actors conveying emotion along with meaningful dialog tied to visuals relating to the story”.
Paul Dano, too. His acting, I thought, was excellent.


can’t argue w/ any of that!!! i agree, those parts of the movie are pure magic and i really wanted to love the movie/film more than i did…it was a great nod to that era and i would have to assume it was a bit autobiographical for spielberg?


Yes, it’s based on Spielberg’s childhood.


loved this one!


Yeah we liked it too.


We just watched this. I liked it a lot!
There was a great story about one woman’s relationship with Robert Plant that inspired the song Going to California. Seems Robert Plant and Mick Jagger treated these women best. Also apparently Huey Lewis has the biggest dick in Rock n Roll.

Also a nice story about one woman’s relationship with Elvis some of you will enjoy!


I read the book when it first came out in 1987. I can’t believe she’s still making money off of it!


This was from 2010. She traveled around the country to check in with the women from the book.


Ha! I thought it was a new movie.

She’s still pretty busy, though.


It’s been a while since we watched a murder mystery movie so we’re enjoying this one.


We just watched King Richard again.
That shit was so good. It’s just such a moving story and a back story I didn’t know until I watched the movie.

I cried like a little girl.


The triangle of Sadness was fucking splendiferous. fun, fucked up and crazy. not all in that order.


oh man.
how’d i forget…

THE MENU! best so far for 2023
watched pale blue eye but fell asleep…not because of the movie but because I’m 43 and i wake up early and go to bed early. i love bale and the actor who portrays EA poe is excellent. so far, so good


I can’t wait to see this!!!


The director Ruben Östlund is actually from Sweden.