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Just like Pippi Longstocking.


it’s worth the subscription to hbo max

do it :slight_smile:


And above all Östlund’s mentor and main inspiration, Roy Andersson, an idiosyncratic, uncompromising, perfectionistic – and funny as hell – filmmaker if there ever was one. He has won many of the most prestigious film prizes in the world (Cannes, Venice, etc). Brechtian modernism meets punk rock attitude, dead pan comedy and existentialism.

Here is an interview Östlund did with Andersson:

Andersson’s Cannes winner Songs from the Second Floor (English subs). Initially, Andersson could not get funding for this film (that won the Jury prize at the Cannes film festival) so he invested his savings, about 1 million dollars – for many years he was Sweden’s foremost commercials director (and that is another story) – to shoot two or three of scenes. Spent almost ONE YEAR on ONE of the scenes – the one that begins around 16.30. Did hundreds and hundreds of retakes and re-built the whole scenery again and again and again.

And his short World of Glory (English subs) – buckle up for this one:


Here’s Steve’s list of favorites from this year in order. I saw some but not all:

To Leslie
Funny Pages
Everything Everywhere All at Once
Triangle of Sadness
Speak No Evil
The Banshees of Inisherin
On the Count of Three (2021)
Sick of Myself
She Said
Good Luck to you, Leo Grande
Terrifier 2
Bones and All
Top Gun
Emily the Criminal

Tony Hawk
The Janes
We Were Once Kids aka The Kids (2021)
Nothing Compares
Katrina Babies
Casey Anthony - Where the Truth Lies


We’ve been watching the whole Rankin-Bass catalog and all of the Studio Ghibli films. Right now the kids like Arrietty best, so so do I.


Just watched The Black Phone, it was fun. Interesting role reversal that the serial killer isn’t the genius, but the victim. Definitely not a waste of time. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably read the short story.


no idea what this is.


Which thing? Or all the things?


all! lol


Studio Ghibli is the studio of Hayao Miyazaki, he did My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Princess Monaoke etc.

The studio also produced some films without Miyazaki at the helm, and Arrietty is one of those. It’s an animated film based off the the children’s book “The Borrowers.” Very, very pretty film, you would love it.

Rankin-Bass are Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass and they are the guys credited with the famous 1960s stop motion Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. They did a whole bunch of lesser known stop motion films into the 1980s. Our current favorite is “The Year Without a Santa Claus.”


Totoro has since long been a staple in our home. Both our daughters love it and from time to time I think about the stillness in the film and all the wonderful, life-like everyday details in the art. A favorite is the sleeping style of the youngest sister, Mei, all spread out on her back across the bed, the blanket kicked-away. One of the few films that represents how small kids actually sleep (not neat and tidy under the cover).


My favorite is Spirited Away. That and Princess Mononoke. I re-watch those two every few years.


I was very impressed until the cheeseburger.


ha! yeah i can see that. fairly cartoonish, right? like right out of ratatouille


Arguably, one of the best Danish movies of the 2000s, Another Round (made by Thomas Vinterberg who directed the now classic Dogme film The Celebration), about a bunch of teachers experimenting with alcohol to escape the humdrum of middle age boredom (Mads Mikkelsen trained as a professional dancer in his youth)


I was going to skip this because my friend didn’t care for it and it’s also listed as a “horror”, which I never watch, but since you liked it, we watched it last night and it was really good! Great satire, didn’t really see it as a horror movie at all.


i really liked the acting!!! i’m w/ @saf that it lost its luster a bit after the cheeseburger thing but all in all a playful and suspenseful movie


Yes, definitely a fun watch!

Watching this now and really enjoying it. Thought I would fall asleep too because I’m older than 43 and I wake up early and go to bed early also. :wink:
But not at all, it’s kept me interested and awake!

And yes, the actor who portrays EAP is really good! He kind of looks like him, too!


Watched Infamous again. So good to watch Toby Jones and how he brilliantly captured the essence of Capote again.