The Movie Thread



This was fun :heart:


I have been looking forward to this one, despite (or perhaps bevause of) the negative reviews. The older I get, the less I appreciate strong plotting and neat narrative arches. Hold my thumbs for this lovely-looking - and quite long - mess. Really liked the party scene.


I was looking forward to this also and then I read that it didn’t do well at the box office so I wasn’t sure if I was going to watch it. We had nothing else to watch the other day and decided to check it out. It took us three days to watch it! One hour a day and like I said it was quite fun and even funny! Really enjoyed the visuals, too! I don’t know if I’d be able sit through 3 hours at a theater but breaking it up and watching it in three parts worked out really well for us.


I am a big fan of breaking up movies in general. When I watch something really good at home (alone - otherwise my girlfriend would kill me), I take a break like every 20 minutues and dwell on it a bit. Breaks are like quality a indicator, for me. Also very much appreciate intermissions at the cinema. Adds something to long-ass movies and besides there are intermissions all the time at the theatre. Love long-ass movies overall.


Oh my god, I finally tried to watch this today and I made it all of 15 minutes…

Drawn like a moth to the flame with rumors of Kurt Cobain, Jeff Dahmer, and Se7en, I thought now is a good time to get out of my head… the opening scene has no music and it’s a 5 minute long shot through a sniper scope at a scene through a window that makes exactly 0 sense or emotional impact. I actually checked to make sure I had started the right movie, it was such a puzzling choice. Not how I would start a three hour movie… they follow this up with Batman talking about how it’s a big city, he has to be choosy with crime fighting and can’t be everywhere at once, cut to them showing a montage of three crimes, a gas station hold up, a graffiti, and a bank robbery. Guys. Kurt Cobain had a bumper sticker on his guitar that said Vandalism was as beautiful as a rock in a cop’s face. He vandalized stuff all the time…

Then Batman walks into a police station and an officer cuts him off and asks if the commissioner is really going to admit him to I don’t fucking know what because when Jim said “Let him through, Martinez” and manlet Martinez didn’t do it right away, I turned it off. I can’t do 3 hours of this low brow bullshit even when I’m functional.


I already forgot that I saw this, and I sat through the full three hours.


“When he misses the road, he’ll just go out and sit on his tour bus. That summed up Willie World for me. Being on the road makes him happy, so he’ll just sit out there and pretend he’s going somewhere.”


I watched Cocaine Bear last night. It was exactly what I wanted it to be. I really liked it.


I am very jealous. Was gonna catch it on Saturday but active kids and a work deadline took the wind out of me. I need that cocaine bear like a tomcat needs a trousseau (whatever that means).





Watching M3gan Unrated on Peacock, like everyone else I suppose.

@ultraviolet What do you think about this Marvel Universe take?


I think it’s a great idea! They’ll get more people to see their movies/TV shows and like the article says, it’s not like they haven’t done it before. A lot of people have been bored with the way Marvel has been going after Phase 3 (including me) . This could be a way to get some fun and excitement going for the fans again.

Thanks for the article, btw. I enjoyed reading it and I even ended up watching the trailer for
M3GAN. :smile:


Loved this! :heart::heart::heart:


This was good.
Crazy to see some of the albums he’s been a part of. Pretty incredible life.


He was superb on Clapton Unplugged


There’s some good footage from that and interview with Eric Clapton talking about it. He was also on the 24 Nights shows and album.