The new thread for The Grateful Dead


They are two very good ones.




Really enjoyed this. I was not familiar with the singer and guitarist for Billy and the Kids. He’s fantastic. His voice is somewhere between Weir and Gram Parsons. Killer guitar player too. Fun to see Billy Strings on a LP. Great band all around.


I watched one night and it was great. Not the night with Carlos Santana. Billy Strings on electric singing GD songs was awesome and I hope he does a song or two when I see him next weekend.

The singer/guitar player from Billy and the Kids is Tom Hamilton, whose other job is the singer/guitar player for Joe Russo’s Almost Dead.

They are fun and you should check them out. I’ve only seen them on video and live stream. The show I had tickets to was canceled bc of Covid. :-1:t2:


I will check them out for sure. Loved the whole band. Not into sax but really loved that player. And the bass player is my new hero. He played all that crazy stuff mainly straight and never lost the groove. Good stuff.


The bass player is Reed Mathis. He’s the former bass player from Tea Leaf Green and he is awesome! We used to go see them and I always thought he stole the show.

This was one of the highlights from the night I watched:


Yeah this is just killer. I queued it up while we were making dinner and it went on forever. Didn’t realize it was three nights.


The music never stops!


Behemoth Box on the way, '71-'73 shows. All in St Louis!


That sounds like something I’d like.


Disc 10

DRUMS> [2:46]
DARK STAR> [28:28]
MORNING DEW> [11:06]

Ah yeah.


That’s one long song. :v:t2:


Happy Birthday to Jerry! :peace_symbol:
Play something special today.


Our Missoula station did a whole bunch of Jerry songs and nods