The new thread for The Grateful Dead


Live in Europe '72 is a three-disc set… unless you have the CD, then its two.

I have both :grinning:

Love that version too… even though that record I’d pretty heavily overdubbed I believe… but still one of my very favorite Desert Island Discs.


You know what? I’ve known a few avid GD fans recently and they have been total assholes and sociopaths. I’m not even kidding.


So you fit right in then?



Admittedly, I am the person you “see” here in real life. It’s one thing to bbe a total asshole and sociopath. It’s next level horrible to be those AND a Grateful Dead fan.


hey if you don’t like dougo or lb just say so

we get it…

you’re cooler than everyone!


i stole my parents’ cd when i was 15

2 cd set!


I bought a used version of the 2 cd set when I was young and still have it. It has someone else’s initials on it. who does that?
wrote initials in a sharpie on the actual discs…


I have a friend who does that to this day

He sharpies wverything


He’s not cooler than @james

He’s way cool :sunglasses:


When I was in college I did a weird 3-dimensional airbrushed illustration of both front and back covers of Live in Europe’'72.

I cut them apart and built one of those things that if you view it from one angle you saw one cover illustration then when you look at it from the opposite angle you see the other.

It was the coolest take my word.

I’ll see if I still have a slide or two of it.



Hey now, don’t bring me into this nonsense…


AXS TV Offers Television Premiere Of ‘Dear Jerry: Celebrating The Music Of Jerry Garcia’

In May of 2015 an impressive array of musicians including some of his Grateful Dead band mates came together at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland to honor the late Jerry Garcia. Dear Jerry: Celebrating The Music Of Jerry Garcia featured the likes of Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, moe., the Disco Biscuits, Widespread Panic and more. AXS TV will air a concert film documenting the event.
The television premiere of Dear Jerry is scheduled for 9 p.m. ET this Saturday night, August 19. Dear Jerry ends a day of programming honoring the 50th anniversary of the Summer Of Love. A 90-minute concert film recorded at Red Rocks documenting last summer’s Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration featuring Warren Haynes airs ahead of Dear Jerry at 7:30 p.m. ET.


They got some balls going up against GOT.



I don’t watch that shit anyway.


Jay Blakesberg Announces New Book ‘Eyes Of The World – Grateful Dead Photography 1965-1995’



so, that’s pretty awesome!