The new thread for The Grateful Dead








Woo woooooooooooaaaaahhhhh ahahahaha.
Wooooop woppppp. :ok_hand:t2::+1:t2::ok_hand:t2::peace_symbol:️:+1:t2::blush::stuck_out_tongue::ok_hand:t2:


I may get this… the impulse buy for my bros birthday? :thinking:


I’m sure it’ll be up on the download sites.


Thanks for reminding me, I need to go find the Jerry ‘Before the Dead’ box too.


Speaking of d’l sites–what’s left? No waffles, no anything I can find anymore.


I can give you an invite to Apollo if you want. I have one invite left. It’s what opened after what got shut down.

PM me your email if you want it.


Redacted is really good too. Has pretty much the same stuff as Apollo. I got lucky and got an invite there but I haven’t earned any invites.

Apollo should have most of what you’re looking for. It has been working for me.


Let me try apollo again, forgot about them.


Ok so you’re already in?


Apparently I have been deactivated at apollo for not logging on in forever, but am on an IRC chat trying to get reinstated.

I’ll let you know how it goes. I remember worrying after it disappeared, and came back–people were saying it was set-up. I just stopped going.


OK, I went though a process on IRC to get back onto Apollo. I simply hadn’t logged on in 6 months, and they want you there every 120 days. Back in the saddle!

Frankly I just got out of the habit. Now to find Jerry box…

BTW–do you usually d’l FLAC, mp3 320 or V0 or …?


I usually get the VO when available just for space saving and bc I need to convert flac if I want to burn to cd. But a lot of the shows I download are only in flac so I have a lot of both.

Glad you’re back on!!


I have Comcast as an internet provider and every time I bring up my torrent client and download stuff it basically shuts it down and i have to restart. Sometimes it’s more of a pain in the ass than it’s worth but it works other times. Anyway I got what I was after!

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll put it in the Box


Yes please.


I actually have this box set already. Must have downloaded and forgotten.


…and I just finished uploading it lol


23 years ago today was my 1 and only Grateful Dead Show. :sunflower: