The new thread for The Grateful Dead



I love this photo of the Dead in Ann Arbor back in ‘67. Shot by Leni Sinclair.

Quite a fashion statement by Jerry.


Bob looks he’s 16. :blush:


Ha. He was 20, just looked up his birthday.


Jerry with P90s…


Right, they both had those gold bigsby’s too.

Wish they hadn’t cropped out Pigpen.

… and I hadn’t noticed that they are standing on the American flag! That’s worse than taking a knee at a football game.


Anyone getting the 73-74 NW box?

Stupid Apollo is down…


We got some of it. I’ll add to the box. It’s three discs. Not the whole thing yet. Not sure why.


Apollo has been down for a while, wonder if it’s going to come back.


Got the 3CD from the box, thanks! I do hope Apollo comes back. Someone said their torrents started seeding again a couple of days ago so the tracker may be back up.



Let me know if you find that NW 73-74 Complete box! Still waiting for something to start up from Apollo’s ashes.


Will do.


I got the complete box set. Think I’ll put it in its own box and send you an invite to it. It’s too big for the group box. Will that work?

Or I can put a link to it here. I’ll try tomorrow.




Woohoo! Let me know if you need to invite me to a different dropbox.

Thanks. Have you done any listening yet?


Haven’t listened to any yet. I’ll let you know when uploaded.


see if this works:

I already had a GD Live folder so I put it in there. may take time, not sure. It looks ready on my end.

if this doesn’t work PM me your email and I’ll invite you to the box.


I think they did a pretty good job with this one. Bobby is in pretty good form.