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Grateful Dead podcast with NC:
"Casey gets down with Neal Casal, guitarist for the Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Circles Around the Sun. A thoughtful and engaging player and thinker, Neal has also collaborated with Cass McCombs’ Skiffle Players, Beachwood Sparks, Phil Lesh, and Bob Weir. He shares tips on where to dive in and offers a heartfelt account of his own Dead devotion. "


i like that new avatar UV :wink:



I was given this book recently and it is pretty interesting. It kind of starts the day Jerry died.


This is tremendous… never seen it before.

A great story to go along with it;

As the legend goes, the Dead’s sound engineer/LSD synthesizer Owsley “Bear” Stanley slipped some of his homemade psychedelic concoction into the Playboy After Dark crew’s coffee supply, effectively dosing the entire staff for the late-night program.


I’m glad it’s out there is better quality now, like so much of their stuff. I dug this up on a video copy years ago and it was like watching TV in a blizzard. And I still watched it…

Rumor was that the funky black dude dancer on the show was Jesse Jackson. Of course, it wasn’t.


I laughed when Garcia was talking with Hef and he kept waving his fingers in front of his face… catching trails.


This looks really good.




I’ve got an old copy of the vinyl on that one already. Also an original pressing of their first album I got at a garage sale for a quarter… in perfect shape too!





Just bought my tickets for Thursday night! :peace_symbol:


Happy Jerry Day! :peace_symbol:



A merry prankster, indeed.


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If that actually shows up in my grocery store, I will try some.