The new thread for The Grateful Dead


great little dead cover here:




I remember buying that Old & In the Way album back in the 70’s when I was in high school…

One of my all time favorites, turned me on to bluegrass for sure, and made me a lifetime fan of Jerry Garcia.


This looks great



That should say ‘I bet we hear a Day Job first set closer.’


Posting here also. Watch this on high def Tv:


That looks like a fun thing to watch.


It’s incredible. Watch on a high def tv though.



So I was going through some of my stuff in the archives (basement) and I found an envelope with a bunch of negatives I had been searching for, and holy crap, there they were!

I shot these photos of the Dead in Grand Rapids back in 1980. I had some of these photos, but somebody stole my prints and I could never find the negatives before.

I got right up on the stage and was shooting… sadly, at 21 years old I wasn’t much of a photographer, but these shots turned out pretty good.




Look how skinny Jerry is! Love the first pic the most. What a great find!!


Thanks, Lisa. I posted one of these shots on twitter yesterday and it’s spreading like…

Being that the band was so gracious about letting me shoot from the stage way back then, I just wanted to give them away to whoever wants them.


What did you use to get the negatives into a digital positive?


I have a Wolverine slide scanner… it has attachments for negatives, etc. Not the greatest quality, but not bad. A lot of these negatives were damaged a little so I’m having to do a little bit of retouching. There’s this one of Bobby that I’m thinking about trying to fix, but it’s pretty bad.


I don’t usually grab these, but this one spoke to me. Looks like lot of good stuff.


I’ve got this poster in my music room. It is a little beat up, but its printed on posterboard and one of the original old ones. I tore it off the wall of an apartment we were looking at back in college - the guy renting the place said please do when I asked him if I could take it. I grabbed a Van Morrison old one too.


This was great. Thanks LB! I love Bill Walton. We do color for the Ski Journal and I recognize some of those folks.