The new thread for The Grateful Dead


I can help you with this if you like.


The condition is pretty damaged… there was a sticker on Pig Pen’s lapel that I pulled off years ago and it ripped it. Stains and all, it’s an artifact. What would you suggest?


How did I miss this? Thanks for sharing LB, that was tremendous!


I’d scan the print then clone in what’s missing. I’m pretty good at it but I work with people who are excellent at restoration.

Correction, you don’t need to scan the print since you already have the digital file. Do you have Photoshop?


I’m a photo retoucher by trade… I could do that if I was inclined - I’d probably scan it on a hiRes scanner in parts and stitch it together in PhotoShop and do the retouching etc. in that program. I just kind of like the “patina” of the original. My problem is I have many, many pieces or art, both original and otherwise that would benefit from framing, matting and presentation. I just don’t have the budget or wall space for everything.


That’s cool! We’ve got a few things in common. :heart:


Yes! I was also heavily involved in pre-press and print production for years.

I did a ton of retouching for Sea Ray, working on images for their ads, catalogs and posters.


@LBSUNFLWR Did you get your Miami 74 yet? The tracking number they gave me has never worked, and they sent it like a week ago…


Will put in Dropbox tomorrow.


uploading to dropbox now.


Just for my knowledge–you got the actual CDs already? I am wondering where mine went!?


no, I didn’t order the cd’s. I just downloaded it,


Thanks! I’ve not ordered one of these right when it comes out before. They sent tracking info but it has never worked, and the ‘help’ button in the email goes to a 404. They may have prepared the shipment but not sent it out yet due to COVID stuff, but who knows.


yeah, everything seems to take longer these days anyway.

at least now you can listen to it if you want.


Grateful Dead releasing Europe ’72 Beat Club concert video w/ Sam Cutler pre-show today
Full-concert footage from a stop of the Grateful Dead’s iconic Europe '72 tour will get its first free online release today, alongside a pre-show with Sam Cutler, who managed the Dead on that tour.


I’ve been waiting for the Beat Club footage to come out in a decent release. Hazaa!


25 years ago today! My first and last Grateful Dead show! I was lucky to have been there bc this was just weeks before Jerry died. I was 20 and I sure wish I knew then what I know now.

Starting with Shakedown and ending with Brokedown Palace is pretty sweet. :heart_decoration:


Wow!! That is awesome.


Love it.

Jerry and Bob.


Here’s the opening song on that show. Last show with Bruce Hornsby too.