The Podcast thread


Post some of your favorites here…and why!!!

For obvious reasons…or maybe not so obvious reasons I’ve been on a true crime podcast kick lately…I’ve always been a mild fan of true crime stuff/shows but not to the extent I am now…my brother loved them and loved serial killer stories…one of many reasons why he got into law in the first place…he noticed glaring holes in law and the legal world…
Anyways…enough of that…

My fave podcasts:

Joe Rogan
Up and Vanished
Springsteen sings the alphabet
In the dark
Alcohaul of records
New Yorker radio hour
WTF with Marc Maron
SI strike zone
ESPN baseball tonight


Shane bishop emailed today out of the blue to see where we r at with our case

We will fill him when we don’t have a damn court order on the file


I’ve been listening to the No Sleep Podcast a lot and then Real Ghost Stories online. For some reason horror podcasts make the work day go faster.


A few Balv hasn’t listed.

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
Invisibilia (I’m shocked Balv didn’t mention this one!)
Never Not Funny with Jimmy Pardo (maybe my favorite. It’s dumb)
Comedy Bang Bang
With Special Guest Lauren Lapkis
Office Hours with Tim Heidecker


actually heard of invisibilia nick but had not had the chance to listen yet.

i’ll subscribe and make sure i start!!!



YES YES YES YES! I forgot to mention this one. Brilliant.



looked into invisibilia…

i don’t know if it’s for me?

do you think i’d like it and why?


I don’t know. It just seemed like something you’d like. I think you have to give podcasts a few episodes before you decide if you like it. I have to get to know the rhythm and format before I can decide.



okay. it’s on my list of subscribed

i’ll get around to it


has anyone mentioned Besser Vs. The Audience? that’s pretty damn funny… it’s basically Matt Besser warming up the crowd before Asscat/Upright Citizens Brigade shows and his goal is to just take a shit on everything anyone says. he basically hates everyone, so i can relate.


no thanks! sounds like a michael savage wannabe


yeah well you’re an idiot.


you first.



Fuck yeah!!!


It was pretty good and insightful into the mindset of the Boss, for someone who has not read his book which they seemed to be promoting.

They definitely covered big and interesting themes, but I would have loved some more lower level, anecdotal conversation too. A good listen though.


What did you think Balv?


it was so-so. nothing really new here. surprised as maron can bring out the best but we all know bruce is a tough nut to crack. he’s not a huge fan of interviews at all.

did you read the book @egg ?

i’m like you…i’d have liked more anecdotes from the road and tour and studio.


I probably got more out of it than you, since I haven’t read the book. Perhaps now I don’t need to?