The Podcast thread


no no no.

read the book.

i’m just saying this has been the standard interview for the book run tour. his interview over in sweden (i think?) and colbert are excellent…this one left me hanging.

read the book buddy. i can drop it again if need be.

kindle or iBooks


Thanks a lot for the offer!! I prefer paperbacks though. The price is already coming down in the second hand market quite low, so I’ll read my other bios which I’ve not finished yet while I wait for the price to drop more

Steve Earle Hardcore Troubador
Big Star Story of Rock’s Forgotten Band
And Jerry Garcia Dark Star


I’ve read all of those except the last two. I enjoyed the Steve Earle book.


I’ve read a couple of Kurt Cobain and a couple Courtney Love bios, and my impression is that Steve Earle did way more drugs than both of them put together.
Not that that’s a good thing, but it did surprised me.


Looks like the Maron interview happened

Will be interesting to see if Maron gets anything new


that should be fun!



Looks like it’s a bromance




Thanks Balv.

enjoyable podcast, where he played some of his favourite records and explained why. Good for my commute today.


I’m confused. Did Maron have Ry-Ry on or not?


Yes. But I guess they agreed a schedule for its release. Maybe to coincide with she launch. Who knows.


Hopefully we hear more stories beyond cats and that time he chipped his vinyl copy of Hatful of Hollow. New stuff. If anyone can get there it’s Marc, esp. since he’s quite new to Ryan and not a long time fanboi



downloaded early this morning

haven’t listened yet

any good?


Haven’t listened yet either…in the office.


I’ve spent a good chunk of my day in the car. I have listened to all of it except the final 10 minutes. So far it’s nice. He comes off as pretty damn likable. There’s some nice insight. A good chunk of it is devoted to him getting his start.


I loved it. Greater depth and new angles on stories we mostly knew.

I liked his music discovery stories most.

It’s the best interview we’ve heard I think because his attitude and disposition was to tell the stories properly rather than to get through it.


Listened to half of it last night and loved what I heard so far.


The other thing I found interesting is that he kinda treats the 1989 cover album as more of an exercise than a passion project. That’s totally different than you were led to believe at the time. That’s much more respectable.


i loved it too. covered a lot of ground and i felt some new stuff too…ryan seemed really chill and just really happy to be there and they kind of played off each other a bit here and there…

one of the best ryan interviews for sure.

i’m really hoping ryan does write a book about the wt days