The Podcast thread


I kind of appreciated - but was a little surprised by - the fact that Moran isn’t/wasn’t really necessarily a fan and wasn’t that familiar with his career.



i don’t think it took away from the interview at all. they shared lots in common


No, me neither… in fact I found it refreshing.

Just finished listening to his interview with John Prine. I really love that guy. Made me love him that much more all over again. A true American master!


Maron is a mensch. Affable, always puts his guest at ease.

Well, I think except Carlos Mencia.


Somebody else said it on it but I agree DRA seems to be a chronical liar or sure changes his views etc often.

Everytime I hear or read an interview I always have to scratch my head.

Good insight and interview though.


I don’t think he’s lying really. Considering some of the past drug abuses, he may remember things differently.


Good point. It may be me as well and a foggy memeory. I swear i read or listen to old inteviews and hear him contradict himself in “newer” interviews etc.

Like where he was talking about leaving NYC before heartbreaker. I remember reading an interview recently where he said he went striaght to Nashville to an emptyhouse with spiders to write heartbreaker. In the podcast he talks about going to Raleigh then to Jacksonville and then finally to nashville.

not greatly different but different none the less. It could be the written interviews didn’t include the whole converstaion etc or maybe I’m just givng him a hard time because I think hes a dick.


Is anyone listening to Missing Richard Simmons? Holy shit is it fascinating.


On February 15, 2014, fitness guru Richard Simmons disappeared. He stopped teaching his regular exercise class at Slimmons, cut off his closest friends, and removed himself from the public eye after decades as one of the most accessible celebrities in the world. Nobody has heard from him - and no one knows why he left. Filmmaker Dan Taberski was a Slimmons regular and a friend of Richard’s. Missing Richard Simmons is Dan’s search for Richard - and the deeper he digs, the stranger it gets.

nice podcast art to boot.


Does anyone listen to My Favorite Murder? It’s hosted by comedian Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark


nope but it’s been on my radar for a while.

you think it’s worth it?


I like it. It leads to a lot of wikipedia rabbit holes, if you know what I mean.


ha. yeah definitely know what you mean.

i can get lost in wiki


I like my favorite murder, but I will say that I tend to fast forward past the initial chit chat to them discussing it.

I started Missing Richard Simmons and I’m loving it!


I watch TV.


I started listening to the Marc Maron podcasts after he did that Ryan one. I am now totally obsessed! I knew nothing about him until a few weeks ago and I can’t believe the number of fascinating interviews he has done. The Obama one was great and the Paul Thomas Anderson one and the Joseph Arthur one and the Richard Linklater one …:grinning:



what is this s-town stuff about?





I started it today. On episode 3. Loving it, although this episode is a bit emotional.


Pardon My Take.


I loved S-Town, too. Very nicely done. Great storytelling.


What is that?

Just started the Richard Simmons, interesting stuff. (loving it)