The Stones


@ultraviolet Is there a good, balanced bio on Brian Jones, or the Stones during that era? I would like to understand him, his role, and his life a bit better.


I was obsessed with Brian Jones and his death one summer many, many years ago and I read everything that was out there about him and this was the best book about Brian in general.
Brian Jones - Who Killed Christopher Robin?: The Truth Behind The Murder of a Rolling Stone

I watched this one recently and it wasn’t bad. Basically the same as the book but with more details on the death part.

I recommend this one too, if you can find it:




Thanks for the recommendations! I’ma look for those books. I have that movie on my watchlist, so I will make time to see it.


The Christopher Robin one is a ‘Kindle Unlimited’ which means its free for people who subscribe to KU.


Ha! I just noticed that that one’s out of print, too!
Like I said I read these books years ago, probably early aughts so no wonder they’re not in print anymore!

If you have KU, that’s great! If not, the movie is based on the Christopher Robin book and although not as comprehensive as the book, it still covers the basics and you can get an idea as to who Brian Jones was.


We just watched Life and Death of Brian Jones. I didn’t know much about him and it was enlightening.


Funny, according to Amazon I started the movie. I wonder why I turned it off after like 2 minutes…