The TV Thread


So, American Gods is basically soft core porn.


And you people missed Sleepy Hollow.


From the looks of things, tomorrow’s season finale of Fargo might be the series finale too. Hope not.


I’m a little bummed about Chuck’s apparent demise on the finale of Better Call Saul.


Uhh spoiler doug!! I don’t have AMC so I’m a season behind.


I just never continued watching after season 1.


I said apparent… it was left ambiguously. They neither denied nor confirmed in the “Talking Saul” episode that followed.

But sorry, I wasn’t aware you were following along.


You’re a real jerk face @DougoBlue



Bill Murray is not a zombie.


But damn there’s a lot of nudity and cussing on SyFy channel now!



blood drive complaint hotline


I’ve been watching a new game show on the FOX network called Beat Shazam with Jaime Foxx as the host.
It’s a lot of fun to watch. :notes:
It begins with 3 teams of 2 people on each team and they have to be the quickest to buzz in the correct song title as 4 titles are presented as multiple choice.
The winning team gets to play all or nothing against the Shazam machine for a million dollars.
The song category ranges from the biggest hits by the decade, a music genre, popular artists, or theme songs from hit TV shows, etc.
Today U2 was a category. :grinning:
Love this show.


If lived in a treehouse built like that you’d slowly go mad, ie crazeeeeeey


Pootie Tang is coming to Amazon Prime. And Hulu, for whatever AOL users we have here.


Just finished 3rd season of Fargo-Pretty good .


really like Fargo. This one took a little time to really get going. Not sure what the relevance of that LA trip was. Great acting and writing - the ending left a lot of questions, although the producers have hinted that the series might be done. Hope not.


I’m Dying Up Here is fucking fantastic…i thought it was gonna be a flop.

surprisingly good.


The Defiant Ones. HBO. Watch it.


planned on it.



we watched the first 2 last night. really good.