The TV Thread


if you can find the past episodes check it out. You will not be able to stop.

Some of it was filmed in Charleston but I believe it is supposed to take place in upstate NY.


I watched most of that new Seth McFarland space thing.


I loved The Night Of.

I read that James Gandolfini was behind getting that show made and was supposed to play the John Turturro role.


This woman I work with is in her 60’s. She is the worst storyteller of all time, hysterically laughing while she’s trying to get the words out, and then when she’s done you realize it wasn’t funny at all. She started telling me about this familiar voice she heard on TV last night and looked up and realized it was Harvey Korman from the Carol Burnett show. I told her I’ve never seen it, a little before my time I think. So I asked her when it aired, she said in the 80’s and into the 90’s. I said I didn’t think so or else I probably would know it, so I looked it up. It aired from 1967-1978! I was born in 74.


Korman is a legend. His Hedley Lamar in Blazing Saddles is my favorite part of the movie.


just looked him up and saw this:
Perhaps his first classic characterization was provided for The Flintstones (1960) wherein he was the distinctively snooty voice of The Great Gazoo, a little helmeted space man from the future consigned to the Earth’s past in punishment for his crimes.


I liked that little dude, never knew it was Harvey Korman.

He’s So Hanna Barbera.


I have it here to watch and have been meaning to watch it for ages.
The Night Of is a remake of a show called Criminal Justice which is really good.


it’ll go quick. I would have loved to not wait a week in between shows.
the acting is terrific.


I watched it too.
Everytime Seth McFarland talks I think of Brian.


I’m loving The Ozarks. Second episode hooked me. It feels like Bloodline meets Justified, but that doesn’t do it justice.


I’m ready for the new season to start. We really got into it too.


Ozark is great.
way better than bloodline and/or justified

kind of like the big short meets breaking bad.

it has some lulls in it for sure but it’s pretty damn good…bateman is fucking stellar and that actress taht plays ruth is wonderful


I haven’t seen either of these, but I can tell this is a much more apt comparison.

How does Ozark compare to Suits tho?


Oh god, Ely. You have to watch Breaking Bad.


I haven’t watched Breaking Bad either but I have it on DVD. Once I finish The Sopranos that’ll be up next. Probably after football season.


dude. suits is shit compared to most tv i watch

suits came up cause it was in guilty pleasure thread…and i DO like suits…but it’s hardly amazing tv :wink:

that said, ozark is damn good…but not better than BB


Up to episode 7 of Ozark–was surprised at just how good it was—but not better than BB–that’s a pretty high bar!

Speaking of guilty pleasures–just binged through Elementary-


Anyone watching The Deuce? Very atmospheric so far. David Simon usually has a big picture or a point he is trying to make, but I don’t see it so far. Great acting and period outfits. Probably not going to end up being an uplifting experience I’m guessing.


I stopped watching Suits after season 3. Definitely not amazing TV! :laughing:

Watching this now:

The acting is excellent and the first season was really good.
From IMDB:
“Set in the 1960s, the show follows Endeavour Morse in his early years as a police constable. Working alongside his senior partner DI Fred Thursday, Morse engages in a number of investigations around Oxford.”