The TV Thread


Yeah, it’s a good binge watch !! Enjoy. . how long you home for ?


Strangers Things season 2 was fantastic.

Why does Ray Donovan suck so much this season…shitty season and i hope it’s the end!


I think Ray Donovan went as far as they could with the whole set-up 2 seasons ago. It needs a big change. All the plot lines have been stretched to the limit. This season was just dark and gloomy. Not sure if it really sucked, but you wouldn’t stay home to watch it either. Have you watched The Deuce?


the deuce is w/ franco right?


one of my faves this year was kind of a sleeper…“Im dying up here” was a great show…really enjoyed every episode.


Have any of you heard about the allegations against Spacey?

Also, I never got into HoC so I really don’t care about the cancellation.



hadn’t heard a thing till just now


I’m thinking a lot of people in Hollyweird are on the verge of shitting their pants right now. It’s obviously a bizarre industry to be a part of and I suspect a lot of celebrities who deviate from the socially acceptable are wandering when they’re outed as creeps.


for sure.

i hope it’s a total culture change from here on out. in no workplace or industry is just acceptable or okay to do any of the shit these folks have been getting away w/

oh yeah…and presidents.


Current and former. Not sure how the current guy got a pass.



that’s what i was referring too as well also


Hollywood truly is a House of Cards.

*long pregnant pause


Planning on staying around for a few years this time but who knows?
Do you visit Tokyo? We should meet up for some beers one of these days. :beers:


I heard about Kevin spacey last night. The guy who was the 14 year old kid was in Dazed and Confused. It’s very strange that he was invited to an adult party as a 14 year old and that his parents let him go.

It’s also quite strange that Kevin spacey would use this as his way to tell the world he’s gay. As if that will take the focus off the fact that he invited a 14 year old boy to his party and then tried to have sex with him.

I’ve never watched that show but it seems abrupt to cancel the show over this, don’t you think? What about every one else who has worked on the show for years?


Just saw the article says they are working on the final season, so I guess they can still create a proper ending


also in Adventures in Babysitting!!!


Sounds like a plan ! Don’t get to Tokyo as often as I would like, Wife’s family in Okayama and Bros/Sister in Osaka, but might try and swing a couple of days in Tokyo next Feb, i’ll keep you in the loop.:grinning:


omg, he’s the red head kids friend?


he’s daryl …he’s the redhead!


Expose every last one. Did you see where Feldman wants 10mm to make a movie exposing them all? Coudln’t the FBI just supponea him and make him testify? I get why he doesn’t want too for financial reasons but to hide behind it all seems troublesome.


This is what feldman says happens. Said it happend to him and haim. Feldman doesn’t haev the best character either but I believe this is what happens. These creeps court these kids by getting to know the families then once they establish rapport go in and blackmail the kids…