The TV Thread


no he’s not the main kid who she’s babysitting, the older brother, he’s his friend! they both have different shades of red hair I guess.


Elizabeth Shue in that movie… my first crush other than Sam (Allysa Millano) on Who’s The Boss.


i know!

i know who he is.

he’s in a bunch of stuff.


you and me both buddy


you’re in a bunch of stuff!! :angry:



I just binge watched that, really superb show


I think the plan was always to end with the next season so not sure this has really changed much in that regard


At Home With Amy Sedaris is a delight


They are now going forward on season 6 without Spacey.


I got through about 5 episodes of American Horror Story last year before I folder. I made it almost through episode 6 this year.


I am watching Mad About You from the beginning. I think it’s really under appreciated


Great show!!
I used to watch it when it first aired.
Mad About You, ER and The X-Files were my favorite shows back then.


I always like Mad About you.


I was always okay with Mad About You until I saw Helen Hunt’s cooter in that one movie now I’m blocking that show from my memory.


i never watched it.


I’ve started both Futureman and Marvels Runawyas on Hulu.

I’ve been excited about Runaways (read the comics years ago), and I am really liking the show. It’s from the guys who did the O.C. and Gossip Girl - both of which were guilty pleasures of mine. I do think the series dives a bit more into the parents side of things than the comics.

Futureman is surprisingly good and funny! I’m only a few episodes in; but it’s a nice brainless background watch.


really wish we had a thumbs down button here


Just watched that Hulu doc on the Dana Carvey Show, Too Funny to Fail, and then rewatched the series. There’s only eight episodes and one of them never aired, but I remember watching it back in 96. Insane cast/writing crew: Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Robert Smigel, Louis CK, Charlie Kaufman.


Started watching Bloodlines - it’s actually better than I thought. great locale (Florida Keys)