The TV Thread


Finally finished The Sopranos the other night. I really liked the whole series. The ending was a bit odd, I guess we’re supposed to assume Tony got killed when it all went black??

The Wire and The Sopranos were both great series, but I liked Six Feet Under better than both.

Next up we need to start Breaking Bad.


Finally you came around.

We just started Man in the high castle. I generally give a show 2-3 eps before committing.


Loved all those, I think The Soprano’s may have tipped the scales for me for the killing’s of Christopher and Adriana, they were superbly done and unexpected and beautifully acted and written, especially Christopher’s silent death. Six Feet Under is a bit more sentimental, and I can be a sentimental guy!! Breaking Bad is another Animal, but I’m sure you will enjoy .


never saw the sopranos

you’re gonna love breaking bad lb


We just watched The Sopranos for the first time. I bought the DVDs for Christmas last year. I highly recommend.

Like kafunis mentioned the acting is incredible. You can’t help but love these characters even though they do awful things. And like Six Feet Under there’s the whole family dynamic which I think is why I enjoyed them both more than The Wire. The Wire was a really great show too though.


The longest held spoiler. I’ve seen all but the last episode of the sopranos. I didn’t know Christopher got wacked.


Just looked it up and it was the 4th to last episode. I was shocked and sad when Christopher died and even more shocked at how he died.

Inky, maybe there’s a video you can watch if you want to see it. Or revisit the last four episodes on HBO go if you have.


Man, I don’t remember that. Didn’t Adriana die toward the end. Serves me right for waiting so many years to watch the end. Anyone seen Titanic? How is that anyway?


Ha. I think it’s time for the Inkys to rewatch The Sopranos. :yum:

Adriana died a few seasons ago. Christopher’s death was pretty painful to watch. Very good episode.


We do need to watch it again. We were binge watching when I was pregnant. inkspot is 14 now. I’m sure it’ll all come back. So many years, so much weed.


So little time.


Just watched. Brutal.


Just like the bible, the hero dies in the end.


I started watching it, I think I watched 3 or 4 seasons of it and then got sidetracked by my divorce and never finished watching the rest. I’ve been meaning to go back to it and even have all six seasons of it on my EHD.
I’ll make it my next TV series to watch.

I bought this cookbook when I was watching the show.

The recipes are all really good but it’s also a fun cookbook.
I make my marinara sauce based on their Sunday Gravy recipe.
It might be out of print but if you can find a copy, I highly recommend it.
(I saw a PDF version on the internet.)


That looks Great !! Gonna have to try that one.



Crazy story but not surprising.
I used to drive by that place on the way to my friends house when they lived in Lodi.


Watched Godless during Christmas, pretty good!


I really enjoyed that. Good all round acting, and the lad that played Roy Goode is from my hometown, Derby UK


We’re on Season 2 of Better Call Saul. It’s slow. Great acting but not much action.