The TV Thread


Somehow I couldn’t get past season one of that one OR Mr. Robot. Just didn’t care enough to continue the stories.


I’m in so far now I’m going to finish the season. The acting is really good. My kid says American Horror Story is great.


I love Better Call Saul.

Bob Odenkirk and Michael McKean are great.


I finished this season of AHS but last years Roanoak whatever story was bullshit and I quit 5 episodes in. :smiley:


My coworker just told me you don’t have to watch them all and to watch this season.


It gets better and better.


same here


I’m knee deep in Young Pope. It has its moments, but I don’t seem to have the same taste as most people I know.


didn’t like the young pope. turned it off


Sweet! I’m on ep 3, Season 2. It just took a turn…


Just watched How To Make A Murderer, bit late to the party, but any updates ?



The X-Files Season 11 starts Jan. 3


I hope this is better than the last short series a few years back. That sucked. Actually I’m starting to wonder if the original show was all that great, or if we just remember it fondly because it was different and the characters were compelling.


Interesting take. My coworker/sci fi nerd is working me to watch this. I remember some of the old X Files and do remember liking them. I just share your cynicism so I’m leaning toward this.

He said he LOVED the reboot. He also only listens to music with bleeps and boops.


Can no one come up with an original idea for a TV show? or was TV in the 80’s and 90’s really that good?

I heard now they’re trying to bring back Mad About You, which I loved at the time.
And Roseanne is coming back. next up: sixtysomething :slight_smile:


Saw the first two episodes of American Gods yesterday, might watch the other six this evening! Freaky, but good.


I think the original was great. But it was great because of what you said, it was different, the characters were compelling, it was something new, the stories were interesting and fun.
I stopped watching the show when they started to take themselves too seriously, that’s when it got boring and silly for me. I mean, the premise of the show is silly to begin with but it worked because, like I said it wasn’t all serious.

The first few seasons were the best. The writers took the urban myths that were out there and Mulder and Scully went to investigate, pretty basic. The show played with the myths and it was fun and interesting to watch. The Lone Gunmen were hilarious. They even ended up with their own show.

I thought the short series they did wasn’t that great, either. The episodes I enjoyed were the ones that were like the ones that they used to do in the beginning. “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster” was a good one. I didn’t even bother to watch the last episode because it sounded like they were taking things too seriously again.

After watching the last season they did, I probably won’t watch Season 11.


I’m watching the new Will and Grace.
Not because I like Will and Grace but because I love Karen and Jack.
I wish they had a Karen and Jack show instead.


Hard to believe they didn’t do a spinoff.


Really! They’re the best!