The TV Thread


Yeah don’t bother. They have got to the point where there is no story anymore, just people chasing each other (even did a car-chase sequence) with guns and calling each other names. And there is something about Scully’s son who might be able to save the world, but at this point I’m almost cheering for the end of the world.


i love you ghar.

never change


Just finished this. I really enjoyed it. Don’t let the Gilmore Girls creator talk you out of it.

Seriously. I watched Gilmore Girls when I was a teenager and liked it. As an adult… hated it! All the characters were awful.



I liked it, for the most part. It got a little soap opera-y but I managed to skid through the finish.


Thanks for that. It doesn’t sound like The X-Files I fell in love with way back in 1993 so
I think I’ll pass on season 11. Gillian Anderson said that’s she’s leaving the show so maybe this will be the last season.


Ron Swanson! :heart:
I didn’t recognize him at first!!


Episode 2 was good. Very X-Files-y.


Thanks!!! Sounds like my kind of episode!!
I’ll check it out!! :sunglasses:


Watched Easy, on Netflix: most of it was pretty good, some of it was really good.


We’ve been watching Chopped a lot again. They’ve been airing tournaments lately and been hooked.


on the list for tv:

Alienist, Waco, and Altered Carbon


Taika Watiti’s What We Do In The Shadows is going to be a TV series.
If it’s like the movie, it should be pretty funny.


Saw The End of the F***ing World on Netflix, pretty good. Still need to see The Deuce and The Handmaids Tale.


Hey k!

March 4th!!


Thanks! Looking forward to this . Did you end up going back and finishing The Good Wife?


I’m a chopped fiend.


Counterpart is the best show on tv right now.


Me, too! I’m looking forward to it also.
Actually, I’m still watching The Good Wife. End of season 3 now. I only watch about 1 1/2 hours of something, either a TV show or a movie, a day so I haven’t finished watching it yet but I’m really enjoying it.

I love Alan Cumming as Eli Gold :heart: :star_struck:



So we watched The Gilded Age on PBS last night–JP Morgan, Vanderbilt, Carnegie-politics–wow–more than one hundred years ago and SO many thing remain the same—


haven’t heard of this. will have to check it out.

so far this month we’ve been trying to watch waco, altered carbon, the alienist and top chef

top chef is the best of the bunch.