The TV Thread


Rodknee, how is The Alienist? I read the book when it came out years ago and it was really good.
Is the TV version interesting?

Endeavor Season 5 just started. :heart:
I’ll be watching that tonight.


The Push, a Netflix original…event. You just have to watch it. By the ene of the show I was appalled, disgusted and sad.


…as I was by this suggestion.

Sleepy Hollow, bitches.


Same here! The missus and I were like what the fuck!!!


i’m only 2 eps into the alienist

i’m kind of bored to fucking death w/ tv and movies right now…literally, nothing does it for me…

the alienist is just so-so but it might just be my mood

altered carbon is awesome in some parts but then just fucking cliche and formulaic…like minority report meets lawnmower man meets soft-cock-version of true detective


been watching The Assassination of Gianni Versace. It’s a bit uneven, but the actor (Darren Criss) is very good. It’s not easy to watch - Andrew Cunanan is one of the most (if not the most) unsympathetic characters ever seen on TV. He is a raging narcissist, a pathological liar, delusional and manipulative. Reminds me of Trump a bit. I’m liking it for the most part. Penelope Cruz seems a bit over the top as Versace’s sister.


Finished Season 1 of True Detective. Extremely well done, but I guess I’ve changed because I could enjoy the craft of the season/acting/setting/characters, but at the end of the night, I was asking myself, why did I watch something about child molestation/murder?


we binged “The Sinner” this past weekend…

i thought it was excellent…and bill pullman delivers the goods.

no where near as thought provoking as true detective but it’s a good one for sure


We’ve been watching this western

It is fantastic. Wonderful acting and story line.


Started this. Recording Planet Earth 2 as well.
On first episode of Blue Planet 2 and so far amazing. :dolphin::tropical_fish::fish:


Just watched the first episode. Pretty cool so far. We are going to keep watching and see. Same writer as Six Feet Under so that’s what got me interested.


Started watching this last week. Pretty funny. Nice and short like Parks & Rec and also has a bunch of fun characters like Parks & Rec.


Almost through the whole season, two episodes left. Not sure what others think but we have enjoyed it. Some storylines are far more interesting than others. Hopefully they’ll make a second season.


Been hearing about this for weeks. Watching it tonight:


It’s good


Have any of you watched Hap & Leonard on Sundance Channel? I really like it.


^^^ Just saw it has Omar from The Wire in it. Will add it to the list to check out.

We finished Wild Wild Country between last night and today. It was excellent. Really no opinions or taking sides so you can decide for yourself what you think.


Love this one–very snarky!


The Bluths are back!


And looking forward to this one, too: