The TV Thread


Just bought the book (books) for my wife, I’ll see how she likes them.


Anybody else watching this? Creepy AF so far.


saw the fist episode

should be a good one.

also, watching Yellowstone…damn good so far…


Anyone watch Somebody Feed Phil? Phil is Phil Rosenthal. I am really enjoying it.


Started watching this recently. Pretty funny so far.
The Chechen gang, especially the bald one, is hilarious.


Love it!


ryan bingham was in episode 5 last week.

definitely taylor sheridan at his over dramatic best…overall…about 80% good and 20% wtf


This started promisingly enough, but the last couple of episodes have been boring. You feel like shouting at them “Give us something!”. Plot is slower than molasses. And, for the love of god, people - SPEAK THE FUCK UP. Everybody seems to talk in breathy half whisper.


Yeah I like it. And it’s set in Missouri so there’s that. I love that the KC guy is like the big city outsider.


it plods along. and not in a good way.

when looking for something to watch or catch up…this is towards the bottom…i usually ask my wife, wanna watch amy adams get depressed and drunk for an hour?


I like it. It is slow but that’s on purpose.

Who do you guys think the killer is??


I honestly don’t care. Another thing that annoys me is the flashback device. After 6 hours of it, it is more annoying than anything. Not to mention that the writer seems to be inserting a lot of their personal views on feminism (or whatever) into the story for no particular reason. That scene where Amy Adams hung out with her high school friends and they all watched a movie and cried had nothing to do with the story.


the fucking bitch face slut of a mother


or the repressed sociopath that is the father.


I think they want you to think either the mother, the roller skating sister or the cheerleader with her ear bitten. Not sure who I think it is.

A guy I work with read the book so he knows what happens.

Only two episodes left so I guess we’ll know soon enough.



Back into Better Call Saul again for this season. I think it is a pretty good show, and about the only one I watch.


I finally started watching season 2 a few weeks back. I wasn’t sure about it because I thought the first season was just okay. I’m 3 episodes in on the second season and the jury’s still out.


Has anyone else caught Castle Rock on Hulu? We’ve been watching it, although I’m to a point of holding off until I can just binge the rest of it.


I’ve been “binging” Suits as background noise essentially. I feel like every episodes the same “fake lawyers going to get caught” “the hell he is” “god dammit louis I told you not to” “I’m Donna being Donna” and then fake lawyer ends up not getting caught and it wraps up in favor of everyone.

I may be missing out on some things though by not giving my full attention.